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About Me

Tarot Joy is an expert Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Healer and Pranic Healer with more than 7 years of experience. He has been practicing the art and science of channeling energy through these divine techniques. He helps to understand the hidden secrets and mysteries of life with the usage of Tarot Card Divinati Divination by Tarot cards is done through a combination of Intuition, Spirit guidance and Angelic messages. With the help of Tarot cards, one would be able to get a deeper understanding of past issues, present situations and be better prepared for the uncertain future. He will also be able to help you find answers to many of life’s questions that have been troubling you. It would give in-depth insight into each and every aspect of life that you seek. Through Tarot Card reading, he can help you with your problems in life related to your love life, career, family, pets, past life, dreams, nightmares or any negative energy which is bothering you.

In addition, as a Reiki Master, he can help you with the ancient energy healing technique of Reiki. This energy healing technique involves sending distant healing energetic vibrations to guide the flow of healthy energy from the universe onto you. This energy is called the “life force energy”, and it finds its requirement in each specific area of the physical body to reduce stress and promote healing.