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Tarot Jeevika

Tarot Jeevika



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About Me

Tarot Jeevika has 6 years' experience in the field of astrology. She has a bachelor’s degree as well as MBA from pioneering universities in Punjab. She has been very inclined towards astrology since childhood. She has been associated with mysticism since childhood. Many events become predictable, she believes that everything can be done with energy. We can predict the future by connecting our energy to anyone's energy. As a result, she sought the assistance of tarot cards. 

She made many predictions through tarot cards, and people got results according to those predictions. The best thing about tarot cards is that we can also know the condition of someone's mind and know what someone thinks about us. Through tarot cards, we can get information about the past, present and future. She can forecast marriage, business, job, wealth, upcoming opportunities, relationships, and many other things. She has a large clientele in India and abroad. She has a strong spiritual bent. She is a devotee of Lord Shiva, from whom she derives her ability to predict. Her predictions are always correct, and many people benefit from them.