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Aacharya Haritwala

Aacharya Haritwala



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About Me

Aacharya Haritwala is a renowned astrologer with an experience of more than 5 years in the field of astrology. He has inherited this knowledge from his grandfather. He has studied it methodically and got the degree of Acharya. He has kept good from the knowledge that he has inherited, but he has helped the common man by finding the work which can be useful in the present context, except for the work which is not good for humanity. The benefits and losses arising from the enjoyment of fast and fast deeds, whose remedy is done by increasing or reducing some amount. He tries to cure it with small remedies, charity, charity and rituals. There is theft by distinction and ambush from the planet. Though nothing can be changed but by treating evil, good can be extended to someone, or evil can be reduced. For marriage, it can be told from the magazine of bride and groom that whether this marriage will happen or not, it can be told so comfortably, which I can tell from the blessings of Guru.

He can tell that the knowledge of the favorite is fulfilled. Vastu has experience of making a bad house or a commercial site workable without any break. If there is some witchcraft at someplace, He can tell and see and solve it. There is also experience of getting the energy of the home corrected from the horoscope.