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Astro Elangovan

Astro Elangovan


Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, KP Astrology

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About Me

Astro Elangovan is a qualified astrologer from Tamil Nadu who is well-known for his reliable, ethical, efficient predictive astrology skills spanning 25 years. After graduation, he did his diploma in astrology in a well-known institution. He has been awarded "Jothisha Adhitya” for successfully completing KP/KB System's enhanced techniques. He has more than 20,000 valuable clients across India and abroad in Canada, the USA, UAE, Australia, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka. He follows the Drik system (Vedic, KP, KB, Prasannam) in Vedic Astrology and uses Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa/Lahari’s Ayanamsa and KP to cast the horoscopes. After scrutinising the natives’ horoscopes, he provides simple, effective, and affordable remedies to overcome their obstacles if any. 

He is an expert in advising correct educational courses to children, higher education, employment opportunities in India/abroad. He also guides on how successful the native will be in his/her job, competitive government exams, promotion in career. Moreover, he can predict if a person should do a job or business and whether the business should be in partnership or individual. People also consult him on love/arranged marriage, love relationships, divorce, remarriage, etc. He also advises auspicious Muhurta time for marriage and other important ceremonies. Till now, he has successfully done over 5000 marriage matchmaking and compatibility checks based on horoscopes. His clients are now living peaceful and happy lives blessed with children.  Astro Elangovan can also determine all kinds of Yogas and Doshas in the native’s horoscope and knows how to check the strength and weakness of their present Dasha and Gochara. After a careful analysis, he offers useful advice for Do’s and Don’ts. He suggests suitable gemstones if necessary for the native’s luck and prosperity. He is also well-experienced in Vastu Shastra for lands, houses, factories, and shops. Using Numerology, he suggests name correction, new names for babies, auspicious days for childbirth. Many of his clients have benefited after consulting him.