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Tarot Divneet

Tarot Divneet


Tarot Card Reading

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About Me

Tarot card reader Divneet believes that ‘The universe talks to us in strange ways, and we might be able to understand it, only if we are willing to listen to it with an open mind’. She considers Tarot to be a form of divination through a deck of cards and that they are a tool to help people tap into their intuition, hidden thoughts and feelings and to be able to make their decisions without having any doubts in their mind. A reading with Tarot Divneet will be in the form of a dialogue between one and their subconscious. She is a gifted psychic, empath and healer with a profound connection with the spiritual energies. She has been practicing Tarot professionally for over two years and has enabled people to achieve a better appreciation of the current reality in their life’s journey and their desires, concerns and ambitions. As for her academic qualifications, she is an MBA degree holder but she always had the inclination towards occult science. Reading Tarot is her full time job and gives her a sense of peace to show direction to the ones who are lost. She helps people understand the deeper truths beneath their problems and provides meaningful insights and guidance for their betterment. She helps them in the decision making process and in improving the quality of their life. Her sessions help people to shed negativities like anxiety, fear, confusion, depression, stress etc. and come out feeling lighter, empowered and confident. She is a life coach for most of her clients who find comfort in merely sharing their concerns with her. Tarot Divneet says that ‘The purpose of Tarot is not to limit us with certainties but to liberate us with possibilities’. People can experience a reading with her to get answers to significant questions and be better prepared to be their best selves. People can seek help in all matters regarding love, money, health, career and life in general.