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About Me

I am a certified Tarot Reader, and it has been many years since I delved into healing and intuitive sciences for my own growth and healing. Gradually, I found my calling in this field and, hence, switched from Chartered Accountancy. I have provided precise Tarot, Numerology, meditation, and life coaching consultations to clients from all walks of life. Through my Tarot knowledge, I hope to help people navigate their life's ups and downs toward a prosperous life.

Certificate in Tarot Reading
New Delhi

I took a professional Tarot reading course at a well-known academy for occult sciences, where experts in the field mentored me.

Certificate in Numerology
New Delhi

I have received professional certification in numerology predictive techniques and have studied Vedic and Chinese numerology with seasoned numerologists.

Certificate in Lenormand reading
New Delhi

I am also a certified Lenormand Card reader, having received my certification from a well-known institute of occult sciences.