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About Me

Tarot Bliss is a certified Tarot Reader who has been healing and guiding people globally for more than 3 years. She believes that a little positivity goes a long way, and tarot readings provide that clarity and positivity. Using her deck of Tarot cards, she connects with your angelic guides and channelizes messages to provide the best guidance for you. Living in the modern era, negativity and new forms of stress are emerging daily. It's crucial now than ever to attract positivity and feel a sense of security with one’s emotions and thoughts. She aims to provide a safe house for all your concerns and, in return, support you with optimum and blissful guidance for a better future. 

She also knows Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, and she has successfully enriched thousands of lives through effective planning and implementation. She gives her consultation for homes, villas, houses, businesses, building constructions, plots, hospitals, institutions, bungalows, hotels, etc. Keeping in mind the 'ready-to-move-in' houses (where architectural changes are not possible), Tarot Bliss enlists ways in which one can bring balance, positivity, and prosperity at home. She practices authentic Vastu and recommends practical and research-oriented solutions to any type of premises. On the other hand, knowledge, and application of Feng Shui help you make the most of your living space by harmonizing its energy flow. Her vision is to start a chain of positivity, linking individuals to create a universe of divine souls with peaceful minds and a balanced lifestyle. She is of the firm belief that when things change inside you, things change around you.