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Astro Ashutosh

Astro Ashutosh



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About Me

Astro Ashutosh is an experienced astrologer with over ten years of experience. He received his basic knowledge from his father, Shree B. P. Sharma, who had a good knowledge of palm reading. He had an immense interest in Vedic Astrology, reading birth horoscopes, so he decided to study this subject and pursued formal learning from an astrology institute in Madhya Pradesh. 

He has attended workshops and seminars to gain and understand the scientific facts behind this astrology from time to time. His main motive in professional astrology is to use his knowledge and provide people with benefits, remedies, and perfect guidance. He always gives astrological counseling through Janam Kundli's study and provides accurate predictions for the clients. He also has a good knowledge of Makan Kundli. A person who has no details of his birth can use Makan Kundli for prediction. He can make accurate predictions by the person's chart of his or her own Makan (house). He also predicts your life, love, marriage, children, relationships, career and provides suitable solutions to them.