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About Me

Astro  Aravindan is a certified Vedic Astrologer who has over 5 years of experience in astrology consulting. He learned astrology from a reputed guruji. He gives daily life predictions for twelve zodiac signs in a popular channel Success TV in South India. His astrology articles also are published in a daily newspaper called Theekkathir. He gives astrology lessons in schools too. He is a member of the national and international bodies of Vedic Astrology. His Digital Astrology predictions are accurate in day to day business life and give directions in life path making decisions. He is an expert in ashtakavarga reading. His research now includes Dasamsa predictions. He has even published articles in leading magazines of South India. His clients are from countries like Canada, Germany, Denmark and India. He has students and disciples in several countries including Russia, Japan and the US.