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Tarot Anuja

Tarot Anuja


Tarot, Numerology

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About Me

Tarot Anuja is a wife, a knitter, a baker, a listener, and most of all, a spiritual seeker. She is an expert Tarologist. Ever since her childhood, she has been interested in paranormal phenomena. Her attraction to the occult guided her to clairvoyance that she has mastered over years of practice. She has professional experience of more than seven years. You can ask her questions related to your business, career, relationship, education and she will provide you her reading.

She is sensitive to everyone’s problems and likes to listen to her client. She always does the best of her knowledge and intuition to answer the questions that she is asked. She has a simple and straightforward approach, combined with numerology for the accuracy of the reading. She has a very clear intention to help her clients through her cards. She can interact in English, Hindi, Nepali and Bengali.  Tarot Anuja is an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future. Each card in a tarot deck has a long history, deviation, and meaning based on astrology. She believes Tarot card reading is an art based on intuition, interpretation and perception.