Lunar Eclipse November 2022: How Will It Affect Your Life?

Mon, Nov 07, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Rajdeep Pandit
Mon, Nov 07, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Rajdeep Pandit
Lunar Eclipse November 2022: How Will It Affect Your Life?

The last Lunar Eclipse of 2022, also a total Lunar Eclipse, is occurring soon! Lunar eclipses are one of nature’s most extraordinary events. When Moon receives Earth’s shadow covering it completely and blocking direct Sunlight from reaching Moon, such an occurrence is called a Total Lunar Eclipse. This event is also known as a “Blood Moon” because the Moon appears to be reddish due to no exposure to Sunlight. This event will not occur anytime sooner than 2025, making it special. As per Vedic tradition, a Lunar eclipse is powerful enough to influence a person’s life. If you are curious about the significance of a Lunar Eclipse and how the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in November 2022 will affect your life? If so, continue reading.

Lunar Eclipse 2022 in India Date And Time

Below are the date and timings of the Lunar Eclipse 2022 in India as per New Delhi (IST).

  • Lunar Eclipse Date- 8th November 2022 (Tuesday). The day falls on Kartik Purnima as per the Hindu calendar.
  • Beginning time of Eclipse - 05:32 p.m.
  • Concluding time of Eclipse - 06:19 p.m.
  • Total Duration of Eclipse- 45 minutes and 48 seconds

Note: The time of the lunar eclipse may differ depending on the region. As a result, it is best to consult your region's Panchang to determine the correct time.

On 8th November 2022, the Khagras (where the umbral shadow of the Earth completely covers the Moon) Lunar Eclipse will be visible in most parts of India on the day of Kartik Purnima. This form of the Moon is also called the Blood Moon. In India, the eclipse will be considered to begin before the local Moonrise; the end of this eclipse can be seen mainly after the Moon rise. Apart from India, the Lunar Eclipse will also be visible in South America, North America, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Ocean.

The period from the rise of the Moon to the end of the eclipse is called the Parva Kal or Parva period. This eclipse holds special significance this time on the occasion of Kartik Purnima. The Sutak of the eclipse will start on 8th November 2022 from the time of sunrise in the morning. According to Vedic astrology, the Moon will be close to Rahu during this time. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu will be placed in the 7th house from Rahu and Moon, forming Samsaptak Yoga, which indicates the increase in the price of daily household items. Being in Bharani Nakshatra, people engaged in immoral activities will suffer, and the price of essential items such as oil and coarse grains will increase.

During the Lunar Eclipse period, bathing in holy rivers, worship, recitation of Mantras, and auspicious works should be done. Donating things related to the planet Moon is also beneficial. This month, the effect of this eclipse will be more on the sea and relevant areas. Because this eclipse occurs on a Tuesday, problems related to fire, war, and so on will become more prevalent.

Curious to know more about how the Lunar Eclipse in 2022 will impact your life? Consult astrologer Rajdeep Pandit on Astroyogi.

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The Significance of the Moon in Astrology

In astrology, the Moon represents the mother, mind, and emotions and has special significance in Vedic astrology. Due to the bad Moon in the horoscope, changes are also seen in health, behavior, and daily activities. Sleep and mind-related action also have a direct effect on the natives because of the position of the Moon in one’s natal chart. In astrology, Moon also represents inner emotions, ways to feel secure, and relationships with other people. A powerful Moon makes a person mentally strong, and a weak Moon makes a person have less decision-making power. And there is also a lack of mental stamina.

The Moon is the primary planet in a lunar eclipse, causing effects in a variety of ways. Moon has got the rank of minister in Vedic astrology, and Moon is said to be the factor of mind; we cannot do any work without the mind. Just as the Sun is the king in astrology, in the same way, the Moon is the minister. The Moon symbolizes our mind and spirit. The Moon’s own house is Cancer, and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. The nature of the Moon is very sensitive. The nature of this planet is cold. In astrology, the Moon is the Karaka (factor) of the mind, water, conception, infant stage, behavior, milk, mental peace, foreign travel, and northwest direction.

Let's take a closer look at how the November 2022 Lunar Eclipse will affect the zodiac signs.


During this time, decisions will be made on some old works, and travel will be feasible in special circumstances. The body suffering during this period is the sum of mental anguish, accidents, and financial loss. To be mentally strong, you will need a good mentor. If the Moon is in a good position, it provides strong might. You’ll be extremely emotional and sensitive. You’ll have a heightened interest in creative pursuits. Thinking will be more imaginative. You will triumph in legal matters, and you will also enjoy a new way of life. You will make new acquaintances, but they won’t be trustworthy.

Remedy- Trust people only to a certain level. Don’t reveal your thoughts or state of mind to anyone.


This is an excellent time to deal with material matters. You will buy new luxuries such as furniture and other items. Simply put, basic necessities will be expensive at this time. Because of chest difficulties, you may get unwell and irritated. Some natives will do charity or donation to hospitals or religious organizations. You can be lazy, which occasionally ruins the work you’ve done. You are beautiful and loving, and doing anything for your lover would be very important to you. When given the opportunity, you do not hesitate to enter into an intimate relationship.

Remedy- Avoid areas near water and cold, and pay attention to any minor illness.


At this time, you’ll volunteer to take on leadership positions within the groups and organizations with which you already have a relationship. A potential focus of your attention might be pleasure or children, and you will be expecting a child around the time of this Lunar event. This time the personality will be more natural and attractive. You constantly have something on your mind, numerous plans, and each plan works well with the others. Your nature transforms you into a person who does not make any effort for the sake of profit. Some natives may want to relocate to other countries and wish to make the most of all material comforts.

Remedy- Become devoted to your career and partner. Avoid home construction-related activities.


This time will be good for developing the family business and advancing in the profession. The emphasis is on family and professional priorities. Some family matters will require your attention. You will also be able to manage your work efficiently. You will become more emotional. You’ll start doing business abroad and find yourself more involved in the internet and online-related tasks. This is also a good time to travel and tour other countries.

Remedy- Avoid misunderstanding and conflicts with your mother, and respect seniors at the workplace.


At this time, you are likely to be more aware of cultural, religious, and spiritual matters. It may be a good idea to let go of work-related obligations so that you can return to school or engage in higher education or professional development. You will be more devoted to your parents. Some natives might travel abroad and give back to the community by doing charity, donations, and volunteering at hospitals and religious places. You will have plenty of sources of income and many opportunities for financial gain. You will be physically fit. You could join your father's or family's business during this time.

Remedy- Be positive toward ritual and custom. Watch your health, especially your chest area.


This time you will be exploring occult science, research, and deep knowledge. Information on values based on self-worth will be gained. For some natives, this time of the year is not so fortunate for health and relationships; some might see expenses associated with unwanted assets. Family matters and money can make you feel insecure. Some natives may receive money or property from an inheritance. There is a disagreement in your marriage that may cause you to suffer. Because of their partner, the person may have to give up his siblings and experience a rift between them. Some natives may get the pleasure of owning a new vehicle. If the Moon is in its exalted sign, it will be good for your health, life, and pleasure.

Remedy- Believe in God and refrain from arguing with anyone about anything.


This is the best time to rekindle association, particularly in relationships. This is an excellent time for resolutions that will benefit you, such as compromise and adjustment. You’ll have a calm disposition and begin a relationship with someone abroad. There could be legal issues too. You will become a business owner and achieve financial success. If the native works as a hotel, bakery, insurance, or commission agent and does business in grocery, milk, medicines, spices, or grains, they will get benefits. Some natives can become lawyers and practice advocacy as a profession, and natives who work in marketing can make a lot of progress and gain respect.

Remedy- It’s time to show loyalty to your partner and workplace. Also, avoid legal matters.


This period will cause mental anguish. You will always be thinking of something or the other. Your nature is that of someone who tries to appear tough on the outside but is actually very sensitive inside. Additionally, you will be very sensitive to the social injustices occurring in families and society but be afraid to speak out about them. You can talk about fighting for justice but not actually do it. Natives who work in the medical field will excel as doctors and gain name and respect. Some natives will go on to excel as social workers and show a keen interest in charitable causes. Relationships with in-laws will improve, and issues that have been pending for a long time will be resolved. You won’t be able to make a quick decision this time. If a decision must be made, do so only after seeking advice from trusted friends. Additionally, you can easily recognize your enemies.

Remedy- Take every competition very seriously. Family legal matters should be avoided.


This is often a time when people take on leadership roles at their jobs. Some natives will be blessed with children and become more well-known because of the child. Some natives may return to study to complete their education and may do their studies abroad. You'll develop into a more loving individual who is also exciting and fun. Additionally, you'll be intelligent and brave. You'll learn to be content, sincere, and upbeat. You'll enjoy collecting different things. A new love relationship can be formed, and an old one can be revised. Negative thoughts can occasionally affect mental health.

Remedy- Avoid being stubborn. Accept the marriage proposal that has been on the table for so long.


You will be involved in family discussions or have authority in a family situation. Your priorities will be your family and career. Some property and real estate matters might also require your attention. Married women will enjoy the blessings of having a child after a long time of trying and will be showered with love. You will complete tasks on time and receive various forms of happiness. Some natives will get the pleasure of owning a brand-new vehicle. You may obtain a fine from the government. You will be emotional by nature. There is a greater sense of commitment and fulfillment in life. You will buy a property for commercial or rental purposes.

Remedy- Avoid doing anything that can bring your self-respect down. Try not to argue with your mother.


This time will support new cultural awareness. There may be a need to travel a long distance on short notice. You will gain money by working hard and being courageous. There will be happiness from brothers. Your religious tendencies will increase, as will your artistic abilities. Your curiosity and knowledge of all the subject matter will be inherent in you. These natives won’t spend money without any reason. Saving is their natural quality. They will feel no hesitation in spending money for their well-being. They are very passionate and frequently change their hobbies. Not only this, but if you are a business person, you can experience frequent changes in the business. These natives get the happiness of siblings. Such a person enjoys positive relationships with their neighbors and benefits from them.

Remedy- Maintain good relationships with your neighbors and avoid unnecessary travel.


This lunar eclipse will provide self-worth based on values. Others would validate your code of ethics and common sense this time. Every word or speech has value, which can build you up or bring you down in society. There is no question that this planetary movement will bring you wealth. There will be multiple sources of income, with the Moon providing the majority of the benefits. The individual will have a good income and be able to save money. Because of loans, some natives might experience economic ups and downs. It’s also possible that the family will expand with one new member.

Remedy- Try not to speak harshly to others. Also, avoid making financial deals with known individuals, including family, friends, and acquaintances.

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What is Lunar Eclipse?

A Lunar Eclipse is an astronomical event when the Moon comes in shadow just behind the Earth. The Moon experiences a  Lunar Eclipse when Earth blocks the Moon from receiving sunlight, casting a shadow on its surface. This is only possible if the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in this order in a nearly straight line. Due to this geometric restraint, a  Lunar Eclipse can only occur on a full Moon. The relationship between the Moon and the lunar nodes determines the type and length of a Lunar Eclipse.

Significance of the Lunar Eclipse in Hinduism

According to Hindu mythology, a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse are two such events when there is upheaval in the entire creation and universe. A lot of negative energy also gets a chance to play, and there is a magnetic base on the Earth. Heavenly events have always inspired surprise or fear among people. The Lunar Eclipse is visible to the naked eye. Although it is just a celestial event, Indians have attached many beliefs to it. Some consider it good for their business, career, or health, while others consider it inauspicious. The use of eclipse and its possibilities have been seen in many subjects of life since ancient times.

In the epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna predicted an eclipse many times to save Arjuna's life and asked him to use it repeatedly in the war. In another legend, after receiving the Amrita (nectar of immortality) at the time of Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean) by the Devtas (gods) and Asuras (demons), Lord Vishnu made a rule to distribute the nectar equally among the gods and demons. The Devtas and Asuras initially agreed to share the nectar equally, but when it manifested, they fought over who would get to drink it first. However, a demon named Svarbhanu was skilled at disguising himself as god and sat in the line of the Devtas, who were to consume the Amrita first. A few drops of the nectar given by Lord Vishnu reached his throat, but the Lord severed his head upon being alerted by the Moon and the Sun. However, because Svarbhanu had already consumed the nectar, he became immortal. His head and body split into two separate entities, Rahu and Ketu respectively. Since then, Rahu has considered the Sun and Moon its enemies and, on occasion, attempts to reduce their light and energy with his influence, which is seen as an eclipse.

Want to know more about how the last Lunar Eclipse in 2022 will affect your life? If so, then seek a consultation with Vedic astrologer Rajdeep Pandit on Astroyogi. 


✍️By - Rajdeep Pandit

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