Is It True? Changing A Name According To Numerology Can Promise Success?

Monday, May 24, 2021

By now, we all know that numerology is all about numbers. It is associated with our date of birth, time, and year. 

But what is name numerology?

It is a big part that belongs to numerology. It is equally important. According to the study, our name also has a numeric value calculated by adding up the number of letters and acquiring a single digit. Talk to best numerologist in India on Astroyogi. Click here to consult now!

In name numerology, three types of numbers play an important role. If they are compatible with each other, then it is considered significant, but if they don’t, then it might lay hurdles in one’s life. 

Expression Number

The expression number is considered the most important number. It is also called the core number. It does not change. It represents the number you are born with and stays the same for a lifetime. It is known to exhibit your talent, capabilities, and basic nature regarding interests. It is the total of your birth name, where each alphabet is assigned a specific value between 1 to 9.

For example- alphabet A is assigned number 1 B -2 and so on till 9 and then we again begin with 1. 

Soul Urge Number

This number represents your core desires and what destiny holds for you. It helps to surface your numerology prediction details to understand what your purpose in life is. It foretells about the qualities that already exist in you. Helps you see the unexplored talent and skills in you. 

Personality Number

It is derived from your first, middle, and last name. It represents the external you. The parts of your personality or life visible to people, and you are comfortable sharing with them. 

Finally, the reason why people change their name according to numerology?

Thus it all sums up that according to your name, if the above three types of numbers do not match or align with each other, you are likely to face challenges and challenging times in life. This pushes people to consult a top numerologist and alter their name or spelling to make life more smooth and successful. 

In most cases, they suggest adding alphabets or changing the name value. 

The question is, does it really work? 

Yes, it does! Changing the name can help one reduce the number of challenges in life or poses the power to fight them. It will change all the values of your personality number and soul urge. Such a change will alter your personality, traits, ambitions, and capabilities. 

Even though it is a debatable topic whether changing the name has really worked for all or not, we have examples of both in our vicinity whether you look at Bollywood or a common citizen around. 

It is indeed a tedious venture where legalities are involved, so one needs to be sure about this step. This does not mean numerology has not worked wonders for people, it has, but before you approach any such practice, you need to know about it, be sure, and reach the right place. Astroyogi understands your concerns when it comes to the celestial world. This is why they have been in the industry for more than two decades, providing the best services to people. 

You need to realize what exactly you are looking for. Once you have made up your mind, reach out to the best numerologist who can genuinely guide you in the best way possible and help you more about your unexplored side.

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