Your Weekly Horoscope For 13th - 19th Feb 2017 by astroYogi

Your Weekly Horoscope For 13th - 19th Feb 2017 by astroYogi


Aries, as we move into the second week of February, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the suns move to Aquarius where it remains until mid-March. You’ll enjoy a long period of heightened self-confidence which fortifies your cardinal fire energy. With such self-confidence, you’ll be able to achieve whatever you set your heart to. This placement enables professionals to excel and is also beneficial for those seeking to continue with education or new courses. This period boosts wealth, health and lends an exciting vibe to your love life. Mercury remains in Capricorn which continues to be an excellent placement for professionals. You’ll tackle projects with enthusiasm and flair making it easier to complete tasks. Venus in Pisces is a long-arching transit which creates an intriguing blend of harmony and excitement in all areas of life.

The sun is now in Aquarius, where it remains until mid-March. The impact of this transit keeps your mood buoyant and positive which enables you to complete targets on time. You may be hearing some very good professional news soon. You’re enjoying perfect health and a smooth personal life. In many respects, things have never been better for you. Mercury in Capricorn remains in position until the 21st which encourages you to replenish and then draw on your energy stores in order to make things happen. Venus remains in dreamy Pisces, promoting good health and the urge to be active. You may indulge and reward yourself with food so ensure that you continue to exercise. This period is one of joy so be sure to spread the good feelings around.

The sun remains in Aquarius, a fresh placement that inspires you to be a true social butterfly. You’ll attend social gatherings, meetings, events and parties and your calendar will be full to the brim. Aquarius’s desire to stay in the mind urges you to think before you leap which is beneficial for you in terms of decision making. Mercury remains in Capricorn until the end of this week bringing you unexpected monetary gain and soothing social relationships. You’ll be popular, charismatic and well-liked. Venus remains in Pisces which enables people to appreciate you and indicates steady financial growth. If you are interested in performing, they’ll be glamor to you that invites interest. Reach for the stars! 

With the sun in Aquarius, your focus this week should be on building up your sense of self and in particular, your confidence. You aren’t one to be pushed into doing anything that you don’t want to do so a ‘softly softly’ approach suits you. If you can get away from it all, do so. A retreat will calm your mind and emotions. Mercury in Capricorn puts focus on your working life. This is the time to invest in your career. With Venus remaining in Pisces you’ll enjoy a wonderfully favourable time that blesses you with solid finances. You’ll have your sights set on a famous tourist destination that you’ve longed to visit for some time.

With the sun in Aquarius, many things will tick along at a stable level including your health, love life and financial status. Mercury’s placement in Capricorn continues to add a protective influence to your health and well-being. Capricorn is the sign of the ‘tough old goat’ so you’ll weather any storm. Artistically, this period is intriguing and you may come up with some of your best work. As well as investing a lot of energy at work, you’ll enjoy playing in your personal life. With Venus in Pisces, your energy should be used to focus on yourself, what you want and how to develop your better qualities. Leo’s are known for their leadership, sunny dispositions and radiating warmth – how can you use these qualities to make the world a better place?

This is an enjoyable week for those born under the sign of Virgo. The sun in Aquarius promotes victory and advantage over your adversaries, peers, and competitors. This is the opportunity for you to excel! Your personal life is enjoyable, pleasant and enriching. Mercury in Capricorn urges you to remain alerted and aware. Your health should be your first priority. You are naturally inclined to care about yourself; your mind, your health, your body, so use this awareness to take the best care of yourself that you can. With Venus in Pisces, you may fall under someone’s spell. If you’ve been single for a while, this may change. You’ll be lucky – enjoy it.

The sun in your fellow air sign of Aquarius encourages you to spend time with your family and children this week. In fact, children will be especially good for you right now. Their youth and lack of judgment will influence you in a good way. This week is particularly good for you professionally so it’s advised that you smash workplace targets. Mercury in Capricorn is a brilliant period for mothers and enables you to make new friends, buy a new vehicle or enjoy a beneficial trip abroad. Venus in Pisces is a continuing placement. Under this placement, you need to rest, relax and take care of yourself. This is a good time to enjoy a little relaxation.

Dear Scorpio, you’ll start this week with strong focus which you’ll direct towards the world of work. The sun in Aquarius continues to see karma benefit you in the best possible way. This is a good time to continue sowing good seeds for future karma. The way you feel now is a direct result of the actions you’ve taken in the past. Mercury in Capricorn brings immense support from your partner which helps you in all areas of life. With Venus in Pisces, you’ll continue to glitter with a ‘wow!’ factor which brings endless new opportunities into your life. Our advice? Put yourself out there. It’s impossible for life to ignore you right now.

Archers, this week, thanks to the sun in Aquarius, young ones will bring support. You’ve always connected to the youth, spirit, and adventure present in those younger than you and they respond to your playful, light-hearted nature. You’ll also be lucky and this luck can manifest in endless ways. Mercury in Capricorn bestows you with brilliance and terrific innovation. You’ll be light years ahead of the curve and even better, your ideas will be practical and profitable. The key here is to trust your instincts and allow yourself to daydream! With Venus in Pisces, life is a dream. Your home life feels mellow and enjoyable and you feel confident and secure enough to run out into the world and make good things happen! 

Capricorn natives, you’ll enjoy a prosperous financial situation this week and that’s always good news! You’ll feel confident and may wish to spoil yourself and your loved ones materially. You very much enjoy working hard and then raking in the spoils. Mercury in Capricorn pushes you into the realm of your imagination which can help inspire and motivate you once you come back down to earth. You aren’t one to waste time in your head as you like to work with what you can see, hear and touch. Nonetheless, this is a good time to let your more mercurial side run free. Venus in Pisces connects you deeply with younger siblings and keeps you responsible and helpful at home.

Aquarius, you’ll be in your element this week with the sun in your own sign. This placement is all about utilizing your mind and you are certainly good at that. You’re always brimming with brilliance and your ideas hold a spark of genius. Let your mind get cooking and see what it can come up with. With Mercury in Capricorn, you’ll need to build up your confidence and remind yourself exactly why you are so unique; your ability to be rebellious yet endearing, unconventional yet humanitarian and detached yet devoted is a beguiling mix. Venus in Pisces keeps you prospering financially and enables you to spoil yourself with something useful.

Pisces, you’ll start this week receiving plenty of support from your partner. The sun in Aquarius ensures that you are taken care of as and when you need to be. With Mercury in Capricorn, life falls in your favour. If single, you may be on the cusp of beginning a new relationship but you’ll also be developing professionally and creatively. There is a real need for change with this placement which can make you restless and push you to act. Venus in Pisces keeps your love life full of fun, tenderness and beautiful moments. You’ll feel loved, respected and treasured. If single, you will treat yourself with equal love and respect.

Traditionally Yours,

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