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Yoga and You - Poses For Your Zodiac

Yoga and You - Poses For Your Zodiac

For a holistic approach to health, it is important that we consider our Zodiacs and the traditional body parts they focus on. The characteristics of our Zodiacs find their resonance in Yoga. The mannerisms are either highlighted or neutralized depending upon the asana you choose. Read on to find out more about the relationship between your Zodiac and your Yoga practice -

Aries – The first in line, this sign needs to relax a little bit. A standing forward bend - Uttanasana, head-to-knee pose – Janusirsasana and Savasana are good options to choose from. Uttanasana is extremely beneficial for relieving tension in the spine, neck and back. It also calms the mind and soothes frayed nerves. On a physical front, the pose stretches your hip, hamstrings and calves. Janusirsasana aids digestion by stretching the ascending and descending colon. It stretches your shoulders and vertebral column. Savasana (Corpse Pose) is the one that brings out a grin from all the exhausted bodies. A nap at the end of your practice, it is a restorative pose. A fully conscious pose that stresses on being awake yet completely relaxed without a single thought in the head. For Aries, that might be the hardest part and one that you need to master the most.

Taurus – As a bull, you might be locking horns way too many times than you’d like to admit. Your stubborn steak doesn’t help matters much. A pose named after your astrological totem, The Cow Pose – Bitilasana stretches your neck and front torso. It also improves your coordination while working your abdominal muscles. It’s a wonderful start to your yoga session. It creates an emotional balance that might alleviate your inflexible nature a lot.

GeminiThe Geminis are forever on the lookout for information to retain. Their intellectual conversations need the daily dose of knowledge to be able to beat nineteen to the dozen. You take up responsibilities without batting an eyelid but that quickness might not be very good for your shoulders that consequentially have a lot of weight resting on them. Take the load off with the Cobra Pose - Bhujangasana which is therapeutic for your shoulders. It also decreases the stiffness in your lower back that might be a worry for the natives who are hunched over a computer.

Cancer Deeply sentimental, Crabs are the hardest to penetrate. They retreat into their shells and are the toughest to know well. A pose that opens your chest and heart, physically and spiritually, is the pose of the hour. It is vital that you ignite your Heart Chakra which opens you to love, in the process. Dancer’s Pose – Natarajasana will stretch your chest and aid in releasing the powerful energies of an awakened heart chakra.

Leo The feline inspired Cat Pose – Marjaryasana reflects the spirit of your animal totem, Lion. It gently opens up your middle back while creating more space in your Leo-ruled heart. It stretches your spine, so you stand tall and upright in the spotlight.

VirgoYour critical nature and picky attitude is only negative thing about your temperament. To rid yourself of the judgmental buildup, try the Peacock Pose - Mayurasana that flushes out all the toxins. The fire of your digestive tract becomes so strong that nothing remains undigested which is exactly what the sign needs. It rules the nervous system and the intestines. As a result, they are not just prone to a fussy stomach but also can worry themselves sick in the heads with the chaotic thoughts; a de-cluttering of both can be achieved through Mayurasana.

Libra Librans are represented by the weighing scale which is indicative of their fascination for balance and symmetry.  The Tree Pose – Vriksasana is a pose you will naturally gravitate towards given your sign’s characteristics. The initial challenge of balancing on one leg will appeal to the natives of this Zodiac. On a metaphysical and physical level, it promotes balance of the mind and the body.

ScorpioThe deeply intense Scorpio is also prone to grand passions. The most sensuous of all signs, Scorpio natives need a pose that awakens their inherent sexual nature. Their kundalini can be stimulated through the Lotus Pose – Padmasana. The pose not only improves concentration but also restores the energy levels. Through concentrated and continued efforts, the dormant energy lying in the base of our spines can be activated, as stressed upon by our Hindu texts.

SagittariusAs a Sagittarius, you are partial towards movement. Considering the fact that you are the undisputed traveler among the twelve signs, it makes sense for you to be constantly on the move. This can cause your hips to tighten up. The Pigeon Pose – Kapotasana is excellent at opening up the hip joint and lengthening the hip flexors; a much needed pose for you.

Capricorn The pragmatic and reliable sign cannot find a better match than in the Mountain Pose – Tadasana. Alignment is where your focus lies and this pose assists in finding that. Goats love to climb, and this pose is great at eliminating flat feet.

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AquariusThe Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana targets the calves and ankles and drives circulation to them. These body parts are governed by your sign, so it’s the ideal pose for the natives of this sign. It helps in conforming the feet to the ground which can be seen as an allegory to the restless nature of the Aquarius that needs a bit of rootedness.   

PiscesThe most compassionate and intuitive of all signs, a pose that enhances their spirituality makes them feel grounded. The Child’s Resting Pose – Balasana. Anxieties are a repeated hindrance in the lives of Piscean natives which can weigh you down. This pose promotes positive energies and is ideal for dispelling the negative aura around you.


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