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Why Do People Spend Big Money On Fancy Numbers

Why Do People Spend Big Money On Fancy Numbers

Numbers have always fascinated man. Right from the date of his/her birth to the numbers associated with the letters of his/her name, every individual gets energetic vibrations accordingly.

The study of numbers and its correlation with human psyche is what numerology is all about. Although it is clubbed with other occult sciences, it is a predictive science and is one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools available today. It bridges the mysterious and uncertain gap between who you are and who you have the potential to be. The divine, mystical relationship between certain numbers and coinciding events helps a native prepare to face the unknown and also attract luck.

Since every letter of the alphabet has a definite and vibratory number, a number that is lucky for you will help you get the correct vibrations to add value to your life, making it happy and positive.

For any human, his Life-Path number is probably the most influential in his life. This can be calculated with the help of his birth date. This number discloses a broad outline of opportunities, challenges and lessons he would face during his lifetime.

Lucky numbers could assist a person in selecting a career suitable for his personality, in checking out relationship compatibility with friends and lovers, while selecting a suitable name for children, for finding the correct day to start a new project and getting a number plate of a vehicle that will prove lucky to them in every way.

‘Lucky numbers’ are even used by gamblers in games such as roulette or in lotteries, where no skills as such are required.

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Since numbers can bring so much positivity in a persons’ life, many people go out of their way to make sure they are surrounded by their lucky numbers. While many add or subtract certain letters from their names so that the total sum of the letters add up to their lucky number, others make sure their residential and office address or vehicle numbers add up to this number. For this reason, the influential are ready to pay even a hefty sum for their lucky numbers. If the license plate number numerologically matches their personal qualities and characteristics, they are confident of achieving success.

When you are riding in a vehicle which has your lucky number on the number plate, it boosts your confidence. This number plate gives the required energy to keep you alert while driving so that you avoid any mishap. You are energised to face the day and the challenges it can bring, positively. You realise your potential and make the most of the opportunities coming your way.

Since one doesn't have a choice in vehicle number plates, while buying a new vehicle, many people go out of their way to pay a hefty amount of money to request for a number that would be lucky for them. Many bid in online auctions for a number of their choice to invite prosperity into their lives. 


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