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What your Rising Sign says about you?

What your Rising Sign says about you?

Do you wonder what determines our behavior, reactions and the way we interact with people? Do we choose it ourselves how others see us and the kind of impression they form about us? Or there is something that is responsible for our outward characteristics and mannerisms? Well, the answer to this lies in astrology. The rising sign aka Ascendant or the Lagna represents our physical attributes and our demeanor.

There are twelve houses in our natal chart out of which, four are very significant. First house is called Ascendant, fourth house is about family and home, seventh house which pertains to unions and marriage, and the tenth house signifies your career and professional life. The sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth is your rising sign or Ascendant. Let’s find out what your rising sign says reveals about you as per astroYogi astrologers:

Aries-  With the Ram as its symbol, Aries rising possess leadership qualities; they are enterprising and hard working but lack patience. They often leave their tasks in between if they don’t get the desired results quickly.

Taurus- The symbol of Taurus is bull and they have the ability to perform difficult tasks with ease. Taurus ascendants are usually short-heighted but quite attractive. They can also be quite stubborn and tend to be rigid or fixed in their opinions.

Gemini- Their symbol is ‘The Twins’. Known to be intelligent and creative, they rarely trust others and have the ability to be detached at times which makes it a bit tough for others to get close to them.

Cancer- The symbol of Cancer is Crab. They are mentally sharp and come across as thick-skinned or having a tough exterior. They know how to get their work done no matter how difficult the situation may seem. They prove to be dedicated workers.

Leo- With the mighty Lion as its symbol, Leo ascendants are born leaders. They are courageous and confident but at the same time, they also possess qualities such as sincerity and gentleness. They will perform to the best of their abilities if they want to achieve something and will love it if you recognize it and reward them for the same.

Virgo- Virgo ascendants have a female, ‘the Virgin’ as their symbol. Virgo rising are shy, reserved, grounded and practical by nature. They are slow workers but very meticulous and never lose sight of their goal.

Libra- The symbol for Libra is ‘The Scales’. They treat everyone fairly, often get along well with others and have a lot of friends and acquaintances. They are known to lead a busy social life.

Scorpio- With ‘The Scorpio’ as its symbol, Scorpio rising people tend to value their privacy a lot and often plan out their tasks carefully and will only act if the situation and time is right. They have strong leadership skills but can be bitter at times.

Sagittarius- The symbol of Sagittarius is ‘Archer’ i.e. half man, half horse. Sagittarius rising people are very particular about their goals and the targets they have to achieve. They don’t believe in wasting time and are intelligent and knowledgeable. But on the flip side, they can be arrogant and rude.

Capricorn- Sea goat is the symbol of Capricorn. Capricorn ascendants are diligent workers; they display a tough exterior and take things seriously. They often weigh the pros and cons of every step and if they feel the outcome will benefit them, only then they’ll pursue the task. They don’t shy away from taking up challenges and are not afraid of difficulties.

Aquarius- With the water bearer as its symbol, Aquarius rising people are pure by heart and often think of others.  They don’t like to involve themselves in petty gossip or backbiting. They like helping others and work for humanitarian causes.

Pisces- Their symbol is ‘Two fish in the opposite direction’. They don’t like to be restricted and love freedom. They are also soft-hearted and compassionate. These are the qualities that draw others to them and make them approachable.

The rising sign surely gives an insight about your personality but it is not the only factor that decides the events of your life. Knowing about your rising sign and other factors playing a role in shaping your future life will require an expert astrologer to look into your birthchart. To speak to an astroYogi astrologer instantly, click here.


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