What Type of Queen Mother Would You Like To Be?

There are four royals in every suit of a standard tarot deck and there being four suits; Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords, you have a total of 16 ‘royal’ cards-4 Pages, 4 Knights, 4 Queens and 4 Kings. They are part of Minor Arcana and generally represent either actual people involved in the querent’s life or the querent him/herself. They have a third angle to them as they can represent aspects of a person’s behaviour or personality.

Each Court Card has the qualities of his/her suit and depending on these characteristics, the people representing these cards, show those respective traits. In relation to astrology-

Wands represent Fire, Cups represent Water, Pentacles represent Earth and Swords represent Air.

The Court Cards are also, in turn, themselves, ruled by the elements, Fire (Kings), Water (Queens), Air (Knights) and Earth (Pages).

Thus, when we speak about the Queens, each will have two elemental attributes - one of her own and one of the suits that she represents.

Putting it simply, the Queen of Wands will enjoy the traits of both the elements, Fire and water, the Queen of Cups will have Water and Water, the Queen of Pentacles will enjoy the traits of Earth and Water while the Queen of Swords will have traits of Air and Water.

Accordingly, these Queens will be blessed with the personality traits of the elements attributed to them.

To understand the Queens as people, remember they are not just a counterpart ‘shadowy’ and inactive part of the Kings, but a force to reckon with, themselves. She has passed through the various trials and tribulations of the Ace-to-Ten cards of that suit, overcoming each one to gradually becoming her stronger and wiser self.

So, although a Queen is associated with the element of water, infusing her with emotions and feelings(so typical for a mother), the elements of the tarot suits to which she belongs, gives every Queen her distinctive traits.

So, we have the Queen of Wands as warm, passionate and encouraging. If you represent her as a mother, you will see yourself imbibing leadership qualities in your child. You may be pushing them to perform better and better. Your children will grow up to hold wonderful marketing portfolios, if they enter this field in their career.

A word of caution here:If you have a sensitive, Water Sign child, do go easy in mentoring her/him or you could end up tearing your hair in frustration.

The Queen of Cups will be the kind, intuitive, ‘sacrificing-everything-for-the-kids’ type of mom. The person who will always comfort you emotionally and wipe your tears for you instead of simply handing you the handkerchief.

She makes a wonderful mother for emotionally disturbed kids or the abusive ones.

If you represent the Queen of Pentacles, you will know how to balance your work and home. You will keep your mood grounded but sometimes you may startle people with an odd behaviour. That is because you will always put your needs first before others and this is what you will teach your children too.

The Queen of Swords will be a cold, manipulative mother who has a sharp mind and will make sure her children are smart in the ways of the world. Her kids would do well in politics. And since she has a sword (knife) in her hand, her progeny can make good surgeons.


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