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Valentine`s Day gifts according to zodiac sign by Upma Shrivastava

Valentine`s Day gifts according to zodiac sign by Upma Shrivastava

Celebrity astrologer of Astroyogi- Upma Shrivastava suggests ideal gifts for each zodiac sign, this valentines day. The perfect gift for partner helps in sharing emotions. Moon is the planet which affects your emotion and Venus is the key significator of love and romance. Consult our expert astrologers online for an in-depth and personalised love analysis based on the positioning of these planets on your birth chart. Click here to consult now!


Aries partner needs admiration, appreciation and reassurance that he or she is loved. This me-orientated sign demands total attention. Arguments flare quickly with this tempestuous sign. Top range accessories, designer clothes, Carnelian crystal bracelet can please them.


Taurus partner needs the deep sense of security which comes from strong relationship and material goods. Once committed, they give and demand absolute loyalty. Gold watch, a gourmet meal, chocolates and expensive scented perfume go well with this sensual sign.


Air element sign Gemini needs plenty of space, intellectual companionship than sexual compatibility. Gemini likes gadgets especially latest mobiles, jewellery, theatre tickets and books.


Cancer is a sentimental sign and needs to feel safe to reveal his or herself. This sign shows feelings through nurturing, emotion and homemaking. Silver or pearl jewellery or sweet smelling white flowers are appreciated. Anything from past memories or photograph also go well with them.


Hot blooded Leo partner craves for undying love and fidelity. Needing to be dominant, he or she demands to be the centre of attention. Leo adores anything flashy and ostentatious, and preferably expensive. Gold bracelet, creative artistic painting or soothing music collection can be an ideal gift.


Virgo is a curious mix of fastidious and inquisitive in love and romance. In the inner side, they are shy and feel difficult in intimacy. They want to be appreciated for all the work performed on daily basis. Luxury bath oils or recreational club booking are the best gifts.


Libra is made for love. This charming partner will take the trouble to woo even after years of marriage and expects same. Having an exquisite taste, candlelight dinner, beauty stuff and diamonds are the best gifts.


Scorpio is a controlling sign, driven to dominate and expects utterly loyalty. They can be manipulative and insensitive and in next moment considerate and caring. Scorpio is attracted to the occult, metaphysics, mysteries, adventure and water games. Surprise them by gifting any of above.


Sagittarius has an enormous need for personal space and freedom. Usually truthful dislikes pretence and is repelled by emotional games. Camping, snowboarding, long drive, rich food and books are the perfect gift.


Capricorn is one of the most reliable sign. Once committed, they will spend all the time with you. They place emphasis on duty and takes responsibility seriously. Antique jewellery, classic fragrance candles or leather bags which has a combination of usefulness with quality are appreciated.


Unconventional, unpredictable, stubborn but genius Aquarius has a deep need to be unique in their lifestyle. Dispassionate in romance and have issues in intimacy. New age gadgets, organic stuff, Amber or moonstone crystal jewellery can be a good choice.


Deeply empathetic and perceptive Pisces lives for love and loves to live. A romantic Pisces adept at emotional communication than to verbal. Handmade dairies, candles, perfumes, footwear, bags, painting and romantic dinner are welcomed.  




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