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The Fate of Indian Men Hockey Team in Rio Olympics, 2016

The Fate of Indian Men Hockey Team in Rio Olympics, 2016

After a dry spell of thirty six years, it finally looks like the stars of India are looking up for its Men National Hockey Team in the Rio Olympics this season. The Men’s Field Hockey Team beat Argentina to inch closer to the quarterfinals of the games which is in itself a huge feat. On 13 July, 2016, the reigns of command were handed to PR Sreejesh. Observing the astrological signs, the astrologers of astroYogi have made predictions regarding his future performances. Let’s find out what the stars of this Captain of Indian Men’s Hockey Team have to say.  

Name – PR Sreejesh

Date of Birth – 8th May, 1986

Time of Birth – 12 p.m.

Place of Birth – Ernakulam, Kerala

Given the aforementioned details of the Captain cum Goalkeeper of the team, his moon sign is Aries. His birth took place in Bharani Nakshatra which is ruled by the planet Venus. The Lord of his Rashi (Swami Rashi) is Mars. The mahadasha of Moon is effective upon him; there is Venus in Antardasha and Saturn in Pratyantardasha.

Moon was in an auspicious position for him when he took over as the Capatin of the team on 13th July, 2016. The planetary arrangement at the time was forming a Siddha Yoga which was seen to be quite beneficial. Moon is in the Venus Sign if we inspect the stars of his planets. Though it is widely believed that Moon and Venus don’t see eye to eye with each other, it is also interesting to note that the Moon hardly makes enemies even if others are harboring feelings of enmity. This is more than proven through the performance of the player that is infleunced by the positivity of this arrangement.

Influence of the stars on the ground -

The fate of India as well as the Captain rested upon these stars which didn’t let either of them down. This made for an exciting and a nail-biting second session of the match where the teams were competing neck to neck, but India emerged as the roaring champion. The victorious team has increased the expectations of the people as a consequence of their outshining performance. Hopefully, the team will end up defeating Netherlands and Canada in the forthcoming matches as well. There was a presence of seventh moon in his horoscope during this match with Argentina. This susequent match with Netherlands on 11th of August, 2016 might not prove be a cakewalk though. This is due to the weak strength of the moon and it will prove to be a challenging task that requires gruelling efforts from the team players. The ideal winning scenario would be the one in which the players aren’t overwhelmed by the opponents.

India would be facing Canada on 12th of August, 2016. The planetary arrangement doesn’t look too good as Saturn casts its evil eye on the stars, and the strength of the stars and the moon is weak to begin with. The silver lining is that Moon is creating an inauspicious situation while Mars gives rise to a promising environment that enables in dispelling the unfavourability. If the players adopt a positive outlook and enter the field with a passionate vigour, it might tilt the outcome of the match in India’s favor.

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In summation, it can be said that Sreejesh would have to practice discretion and avoid hasty decisions. The presence of Moon in Mercury, and the ruler of career and prosperity, Mars moving in Scorpio points towards to an enviable and respected position. Since this is a team effort, however, it has to be duly noted that the stars of the other players play a significant role in a collaborative effort. The pressure is on PR Sreejesh the most as he is the on leading the team.

astroYogi wishes the Indian Men Hockey Team with resounding success in the upcoming matches. 


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