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The Baadshah of Bollywood Owes a Lot to His Zodiac Sign Scorpio

The Baadshah of Bollywood Owes a Lot to His Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Shah Rukh Khan, better known as SRK, and called ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’, ‘King of Bollywood’ or ‘King Khan’ by the media, is a Bollywood actor, producer, and television personality. Born on 2nd November 1965, he exhibits typical personality traits of a Scorpio.

Shah Rukh showed his intellectual Scorpio trait right from childhood by excelling in his studies. He was fiercely independent in his thinking and was focused on his career. Although he came from a middle-class family, he had visions of making it big one day. During his graduation, he took out time to concentrate on honing his acting abilities by attending theater groups. Although he had wanted to act in theaters, the death of his parents, made him want to shift away from Delhi to Mumbai to join films.

A Scorpio never gives up and nor did Shah Rukh - neither his career nor his love. They are most passionate about what they want. Shah Rukh has had an amazing love story culminating in marriage with his heart throb. Being from two different religions, him a Muslim and Gauri, a Hindu Brahmin, they faced the disapproval of both their families. In spite of much opposition,(more from Gauri’s family), Shah Rukh was adamant about marrying Gauri and waited patiently for six years to do so.

The charisma of a Scorpio cannot be undermined and the less said about the debonair Shah Rukh, the better. He managed to sweep a reluctant Gauri off her feet to persuade her to marry him with his charm combined with his warm and friendly nature. Even 25 years later and with so many controversies threatening their marriage, Shah Rukh is confident about his relation with Gauri, as Gauri adores his ability to make her laugh.

A typical Scorpio is said to be flirty by nature and our King Khan is no less. He has had his fair share of extra-marital affairs with Juhi Chawla, Priyanka Chopra and rumored ones with Karan Johar and Arjun Rampal. But to give credit to the Scorpio, they remain loyal to their heart and Shah Rukh and Gauri’s marriage is one of the most inspiring and stable marriages of Bollywood.

Scorpios make good family people and excellent fathers. After his parent's death, Shah Rukh has taken full responsibility to look after his unmarried sister. His adoration for his children, especially Abram is there for all to see. Shah Rukh insists on Abram accompanying him to many of his shoots as he misses him otherwise.

A major weakness in Scorpions is their vengeful nature. They will sting when provoked. The enmity between Shah Rukh and Salman Khan is well known. It took a long time and many intermediaries to sort out and bring peace between the two. Shah Rukh publically slapping his best friend, Farha Khan’s husband Kunder, had caused ripples of angst in the film industry.

A Scorpio can be overbearing, stubborn and always wanting to be in control of a situation. They also have high standards of living, which is obvious in Shah Rukh’s high maintenance house, Mannat.Wanting to hog most of AbRam’s attention is one of the causes of cracks appearing in SRK and Gauri’s relationship.

Another weakness of a Scorpio is his jealous nature which almost cost Shah Rukh his marriage. While courting Gauri, he wouldn’t allow her to keep her hair open or wear certain clothes for fear of other men looking at her. Gauri was so suffocated by this behavior of SRK, that once she ran away to Mumbai from Delhi to escape from him.

But the magnetic charm, the penetrating gaze, the determination to achieve; all make Scorpio men much sought after.

Traditionally Yours,


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