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Navratri Astro Predictions

Navratri Astro Predictions

Navratri is a time to rejoice, to commit ourselves to the worship of the divine Goddess Durga, to celebrate the victory of good over evil and above all to embrace the spirit of oneness and leave behind all that is limiting and hindering our growth as spiritual beings.

So what surprises do the nine days of Navratri hold for you!


For you Aries, the nine pious days of Navratri promise significant advancements in your professional life and you are likely to hear some good news about the same when Venus enters Sagittarius on 8th October. However, divulging your secrets to others, especially to your rivals advertently or inadvertently may prove to be a huge setback for you. Keep an eye on your health; it is indicated that your health may suffer due to stress particularly near the end of the month.


You are likely to be working hard during the nine days of Navratri, because of which you might not get enough time to celebrate. However, you are indicated to reap the rewards of your hard work during the end of the festival when some great news will be a source of happiness and joy for you.


While the first week of October might be a little disappointing for you, with projects being delayed and your personal life in disarray but as the month will progress you will realize that these initial hiccups have actually given you time to better your work and see things in a new light.


New Moon in Libra on 4th October might escalate your problems and force you to focus on the home front. You must keep a check on your finances too. Avoid beginning anything new during October; sadly this isn't the best month for you. However, things are likely to get back to being normal from Oct 15.


It is your charisma and charm that will steal people's heart during this time, owing to the influence of Mars moving into Leo.  On the downside, your personal relationships are indicated to suffer. There may be frequent feuds and quarrels at home, but come Oct 7, when Venus enters Sagittarius and you are likely to have a great time with your loved ones and revive your relationships.


You are advised to keep a tab on your finances as financial troubles are indicated, at least till the 15th of October. Some unexpected events may affect your peace of mind and make you feel edgy. Watch out for turbulence in relationships.


This is the time when you realize the importance of having good friends. Though, the first 2 weeks of October may prove to be taxing on you, you can bank on your friends and loved ones for help-whether emotional or any other. Mars will be in Leo till October 15, and during this time you will come in contact with many of your old friends.


The first week of October isn't the best time for scheduling any important work. What would be best is that you wait out the first week or postpone any important work till the second week. It would be important that you keep your eyes and ears open, because others might be conspiring against you. You might get caught up in work but don't worry you are definitely going to have plenty of time for fun and frolic after the 15th of October.


October 7 to October 15 will be an important period for you Sagittarius. You are likely to take important decisions to better your health and lifestyle and may even go for a makeover. And be assured, whatever steps you take in this direction will yield positive results. You need to be careful of the words you use as what you say might offend your loved ones and result in minor altercations.


You will feel that situations in your life have been changing quite rapidly and no matter what you do, it seems impossible to make things better. Actually, there isn't much that you can do. Capricorn, being a cardinal sign is at the receiving end of the negative cosmic energies. But the good that will come out of it is that it will broaden your horizons and urge you to explore the options that you haven't considered yet.


Even as the other signs battle out the negative effects of the cosmic events during October, you Aquarius seem untouched by it and would have a good time. Lucky you! October 14 and 15 will be especially favourable for you, as a troubled relationship will start showing signs of improvement. October 15 is also a good time to renew old relationships.


Apart from Aquarius, it is you Pisces who will benefit greatly during October, particularly during the nine days of Navratri. Your popularity in the social sphere will hit the top of the charts, especially during October 6 to October 16, so make the most of it. Use it to make contacts with important people and get important work done.


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