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Mars Transit to Scorpio And Its Impact

Mars Transit to Scorpio And Its Impact

In Vedic astrology, Mars is deemed to be the potentate of the zodiac signs - Scorpio and Aries. Natives intimidated by Mars possess a strong body who are mostly associated with the field of work which also demands strength and fitness like Police, military or sports. However, it is known that Mars can be a cause for elevating pessimistic feelings and anger. Individuals can behave furiously and misuse their authority/power often undertaking blind risks. Natives with an inauspicious or fragile Mars can be inflicted with health pitfalls like circulatory issues, gallbladder problems or getting burns, accidents, electric shocks, etc. That being said, Mars can also arise with uplifting benefits in our lives which is precisely why Vedic astrologers confirm that Mars in transit is distinctly important. Mars will be transited from Libra to Scorpio from 17th January 2018. Astroyogi's Expert astrologers predict the impacts of this important transit on each of the 12 Zodiac signs.

(Note: The predictions are to be seen as per the Moon Sign.)

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Aries: The planet Mars transits into your eighth house and is the Lord of your sign which evidently leads to positivity. Although, there is a turn for health issues. It is advisable to be vigilant and cautious during this particular period. The chances are high of you taking a fall whilst being hasty. In your romantic relations, there can be misunderstandings that arise with your partner or spouse. On the positive side, this is a fortunate time for you to attain name and fame. Problems at your household will be on a minimum.

Taurus: Mars is coming in the seventh house due to which you have to be careful about your married life. It is recommended to refrain from interfering with your partner too much and be cautious of what you say so as to avoid hurting your partner's feelings. Live in partners may also tend to have a certain mindset of their own. You will find yourself healthy and satisfied physically. Mars is on a welfare with regards to your career, this time will likely be great for your career.

Gemini: The transit of Mars is in the sixth house from your sign is considered to be brittle. It is advised to check on your health with a doctor just to be on the safe side. As for your personal and professional life, you will have the strength and mental ability to compete with your competitors and opponents and take on challenges posed by your enemies. The desire of flying abroad can be fulfilled with your partner or spouse. There is financial gain seen through investments in property.

Cancer: Mars transits in the fifth house evidently being positive. In the factors of education, love and children, positive results can be experienced. Those who are looking for new job opportunities can find suitable positions. You can face certain difficulties in decisions related to real estate and property matters. Short pleasure travels are also in store for you. Temper flares can be experienced therefore it is advised to stay calm in situations that provoke anger. In romantic relations, this time is favorable to move into the next step or go for an adventurous trip.

Leo: Mars is entering the fourth house with your zodiac sign which can be fortunate and uplifting. In personal life, this time can be said as exciting for you and in areas of your business or professional life, things can start looking up for you in a great way. Anger management is advised as it seems to be on the higher side. It is advised to take care of your mother's health. This is an auspicious time for building a residential property or purchasing a new car. You will receive considerable profits from multiple investments.

Virgo: The transit of Mars is in the third house, where it is the time, you will have the opportunity to showcase your performance. You will also have the ability and valor to respond to challenges given by your opponent. You will get lucky with luck! Be careful in romantic relationships by avoiding any unnecessary flirtations in your place of work. There are changes which indicate that you will come across opportunities for profit through your work. Your past investments in any projects will bring home the benefits for you. There will be occasions where you will enjoy travelling adventurously and living life to the fullest.

Libra: Mars will transit into the second house where you gain more wisdom. You are to benefit financial gains considerably. In the factors of education and children, you will be highly pleased and satisfied. Students are likely to have a favourable time. Those who are looking to relocate abroad for education or professional life will be happy to know that everything is in their favor. In your romantic life, your partner or spouse will support you greatly in any endeavor that you undertake. However, you need to be cautious about your health, it is advised to avoid stress in any way.

Scorpio: Mars transits in the first house entering your own zodiac sign. Aggressive nature of your behavior is expected to be on a high. Be vigilant and cautious while travelling.  This period of time is also positively going to increase your happiness. You will be in good health and spirits. It is a favorable time for buying property, vehicle or other materialistic things. In your romantic relationship, your spouse or partner will be excited to take your relationship to the next level.

Sagittarius: Mars transits into the twelfth house increasing your favorable time for financial investments. Take control of your aggression and anger as it is completely unnecessary. It is the right time for you to grow in power which you can use to conquer your competitors. Students and other aspirants are at a favourable time to participate in competitive exams and interviews. You will find your partner or spouse to be highly generous in your romantic relationship.

Capricorn: Being that Mars transits in the eleventh house, there are benefits and is also considered auspicious. Being vocal in the area of profits will bring you new opportunities for profit. This is the time where you can also increase your savings. Your relationship with your inner child is likely to be very sweet. You will have the wit to respond to your opponents as well during this time. There are a lot of professional competitions which will keep you busy.

Aquarius: With Mars transiting into the tenth house, positive results can be seen in your professional life. Those who were planning to start a business, this is the time to be positive about it. Students and aspirants are favored in competitive exams and interviews. There is a lot of positivity seen in your health. Relationships with spouses and children will be beautifully uplifting. It is advised to check on your health for any precautions to be considered.

Pisces: The planet transits into the ninth house indicating your future. If you have plans of buying residential property for a long period of time, this is the time that will be favourable. In your financial areas, you are expected to get surplus profits and gains for more investment which is seen as favourable too. Physical pleasures can increase in the means. This time is considered favourable to you to travel abroad with your partner or spouse for a wonderful trip.


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