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How To Be A Numero Uno - Five Tips To Success For Leos

How To Be A Numero Uno - Five Tips To Success For Leos

Leos are notorious for their candor and a no-nonsense approach to life. They are natural leaders and have the innate ability to shine or die trying. The chances of your encounter with a shy Leo are not only slim, they are near impossible. Still, there might be some still coming to terms with the reservoir of talent they carry. Dear Leo, to hone the natural skill of being a star that helps you reach the zenith of your apsirations, here are five ways to actualize your inner potential –

1) Leos’ habit of not beating around the bush comes in handy in situations of conflict of opinions. Use your rationale and the gift of being direct to your full advantage by calling out a spade a spade. In times of sycophancy and dishonesty, your unflinching honesty will earn your brownie points, and hopefully, improve the quality of whatever is at your disposal.

2) Your thirst for power is an aphrodisiac for you. If you lose sight of your goal, you tend to wither in the long run. Since you are predisposed towards thinking big, don’t hesitate to ask for work that will showcase the full range of your abilities. Go the extra mile, and don’t shy away from work, big or small. Take pride in what you actively seek, and you will be fulfilling your ambitions before you know it. It’s wise to remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to keep your eyes at the prize in the meantime. Given your sign’s characteristics, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

3) Your creativity is your biggest asset. Since you are naturally inclined towards excelling in whatever you undertake, use your talent to think out of the box. A different take on the same plot or a novel method of approaching a task comes in handy during times of monotony. Your instinctive ability to see what others miss is what pushes you toward greatness and helps you in carving a niche for yourself. If you are thinking of becoming a business mogul, work on finding your USP, and you will be selling like hotcakes in no time.

4) Since you are a social butterfly, use that to your advantage to establish relations. Most people are a little reserved in approaching someone new, but not you! If you are an extrovert and social interactions are your thing, make sure to maintain contact with people you admire and plan to follow in the footsteps of. Reach out to them to compliment them on their success and seek tips, without letting your ego get the better of you.

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5) If someone makes you feel bad about being bossy (especially directed at women), shut the door on their face. That shouldn’t be too hard considering your natural tendencies to dominate. It is a slippery slope, however. If you are too dominating, you tend to exclude people. Learn to taper the rough edges of the dominance and you will find out the results you are hoping for. This attitude of expecting the best and having the final say will make sure that mediocrity doesn’t become a norm. There’s nothing wrong with, simply being the best. 


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