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Breaking the Barriers This Valentine's Day!

Breaking the Barriers This Valentine's Day!

The mere thought of Valentine's Day brings the images of heart shaped balloons, red roses, chocolates and love birds in coffee houses to mind. There is an instant connection with these things the moment we think about this day. From cliched gift items to the hype surrounding this day, things have been this way every year. Even though the day is celebrated by people of all groups, yet the craze is always high among couples whether they are newly hitched, committed or in a long distance relationship. They wait for this day months in advance. Don't we all love doing something innovative, trying out things we have never done before? Do something different, say goodbye to your conventional ways and make this day a day you will gladly look back to.

Surprise your love by acting different for a day. Don't be the same old you this 14th of February!

  • Love in the air: Singles, try something new other than the age old Titanic poses and filmy proposals. Have you ever tried proposing to your girl in the air? Not on board but in a hot air balloon! Shell out those extra bucks on something exceptional rather than going the stereotypical way! Capricorn, be a spendthrift for a day and break free from the shackles of conservatism.
  • Meal on the go: Thinking of preparing your partner's favorite dish at home or ordering it from the best restaurant of the city? Chuck that idea! Instead put on your travelling shoes and drive down to the city that is famous for that cuisine. Time to explore the hefty outdoors Aries, Librans, Cancerians and Scorpions!
  • Romantic horror: You get an eerie feeling when you break the norms however the excitement that you get in the end is always worth it. If you are a big movie buff and love to watch a romantic, emotional movie, then give horror movies a shot. For sure, you will remember this thrilling experience for years! This will surely be a great experience for the emotional water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Also, Aquarians will be pretty happy with it too.
  • Dress different: Planning to go to a museum or some lunch party? Dress up smartly and similarly, either in the same colours or some funky attire that makes you noticeable; for sure nobody will forget you for days to come. If you are always prim and proper then be shabby for a day. Do take a shower or go without it. Ditch the neatness, perfection and seriousness for your love Virgos and Capricorns!
  • Keeping it real: The typical candle light dinner must be an every weekend affair for you, so how will you make your Valentine dinner special?  Feel the earthy touch and organize a quiet candle light dinner at your place but with an earthy touch, that is, have it on the floor. Decorate the whole space with aromatic candles. (Also, keep a fire extinguisher handy!) Adopt simplicity and take a break from social affairs as well as extravagance Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini!

Experience a totally unforgettable Valentine's Day with your partner by bringing the above ideas into practice and have a fantastic day with a touch of eccentricity!


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