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Billionaires Who Are Followers of Astrology

Billionaires Who Are Followers of Astrology

It’s not true that one has to be simply well-read to become a billionaire. Anyone smart enough to strike at the ‘right moment’, can be ‘lucky’ enough to become one. Of course, there are a number of criteria for making it big, but it is your ‘stars’ that finally shape your future for you. It, thus, makes sense to be guided well by someone who helps to provide insight into your life and helps you conquer your dreams.

Most celebrities do not like to disclose their belief openly and it is only when they are seen wearing lucky stones, or when there is a change in the spelling of their name, do we get to know about their faith. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't be wrong to state that the more well off they are, the deeper is their belief in astrology.

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The Ambanis are quite spiritual and like to look ‘astrologically at the choices’, before they leap.

A few instances which prove their faith in astrology-

The fact that Mukesh Ambani doesn’t like to call his billion-dollar house, Antilia, home, simply because it didn’t turn out to be ‘Vastu-friendly’, speaks volumes about the billionaires belief in this traditional Hindu system. ‘Vastu' ensures enhanced health, wealth and prosperity in one’s destiny, depending upon the planetary configuration in the horoscope.

Before launching their pet telecom project, ’Reliance-Jio’, the brand name was approved by a astro-numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani and so was its date of launching.

Nita Ambani is seen chanting certain ‘mantras’ so that her cricket team, Mumbai Indians, score well in the IPL.

Billionaire celebrity, Amitabh Bachchan wears two Blue Sapphire rings and a Colombian Emerald, the combination of which is considered very lucky for him as per Vedic Astrology.

Amitabh’s family has been consulting an astrologer from a small town in Karnataka, periodically. The family went ahead with the wedding of Abhishek and Aishwarya, only after astrologer Chandrashekar Swami, had given the go-ahead.

Even hot shot cricketers like M.S Dhoni believe in numerology and he has an obsession for the number 7 and not only wears a jersey with number 7 but also signs deals at 7 ‘0’ clock or on 7th or in the 7th month.

Industrialists and former MP, Naveen Jindal, also bow down before the ‘unknown’ and believe it is important to give a meaningful name to their children according to what their birth charts suggest. Thus, the son is named Venkatesh and the daughter, Yashasvini.


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