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Ajay Devgan: A typical Aries

Ajay Devgan: A typical Aries

Ajay Devgan is a well-known Bollywood actor, director and producer. Born on 2nd April 1969, he exhibits the classic characteristics of the masculine Aries.

Like the typical Aries, Ajay too was admired by women in his hay days, mainly because of his raw masculinity and aggressive behavior which some women find appealing. It was easy to see why actresses like Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor almost came fist to fist over him in the 90’s.

When Ajay met his wife, Kajol for the first time, on the sets of ‘Gundaraj’, it was not love at first sight. Like a typical Arian, he wanted to get to know her well before considering marriage. Quoting him,”A proposal never really happened. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent.” Although onlookers were confident these two opposite natured would never get along, Ajay proved them wrong. Aries make caring partners and that has kept Kajol right beside him.

As a father too, the typical Aries Ajay, loves to be around his children and loves to help raise them. They are totally family-oriented. His daughter, Nysa, is his weakness and his smile is the widest when she is around.

The Aries ruling planet is Mars, which the Roman’s related with their Greek God of war. It’s no wonder that Ajay’s favorite actors, when he was young, were Al Pacino and the angry young man of the 80’s Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan. Not surprising again that born to a stuntman he began his film career as an action hero doing stunts like his famed balancing ride between two motorbikes. This ‘Man Mars’ is bold, courageous and full of energy.

The Arian streak in him of thriving on challenges and confrontation is apparent in his behavior. His quote, ”I don't see the risk, I enjoy performing stunts, and I don't get scared” is totally applicable to this macho man.

Lately, his confrontation with Karan Johar and Kamaal Rashid Khan about trashing ‘Shivaay’(Ajay’s movie) on twitter, brings the Aries Ram’s characteristic to the fore of not taking things lying down and to back out of any argument - even if things turned ugly in public. The element of fire that makes an Aries, is quite obvious in him. Short temper is one weakness of Aries, which Ajay displays off and on.

At the same time when a case was filed against him for some derogatory remarks used against the Sikhs in the movie ‘Son of Sardar’, his Aries ‘sense of fair play and not hurt feelings’, came to the fore-front and he went ahead with the changes in the dialogues.

Aries is known for their leadership qualities and blossoming in a field that gives them attention and recognition. Ajay has been focused on his career and has risen in Bollywood to get clubbed in the league of actors taking home a salary of 25 crores per film! 

Like the Ram, Ajay too has faced life ‘head on’. Since they like to lead, Ajay has never played second fiddle in a film. From an actor to producing his own films, having his own production house, directing films and in spite of the film not clicking at the box office, his ‘butting’ head-on attitude, is all attributes of an Aries.

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