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Leo Love Horoscope 2017

Leo Love Horoscope 2017

You are a lover of love, Leo! The most passionate of all the signs, you appreciate pleasure in the greatest of forms: your personal relationships. In January, when Saturn moves into Sagittarius, you may experience some tension in your long-term relationship. You are responsible for soothing this tension, Leo, as you must be careful of your intense demands when it comes to love.

Your passion can be overpowering to your lover. Remember to give your loved one space, let them breathe, and they will soon return seeking your compelling passion and fire. If you are looking for love, Leo, August will be a month ripe for passion. At this time, Saturn directs in Scorpio, and you should use your aggression, embody all of your Lion-like characteristics and pursue that person of interest. August will be a time of strength in love and passion for all Leos. Be at your roaring best, my fiery friend, and show your partner your blazing fire for love's pleasures!

Be creative in romance during this time: buy flowers, write poetry and conjure up a love potion. Let your love fires blaze in August, Leo, and pleasure will be yours!

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