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Gemini Horoscope 2017

Gemini Horoscope 2017

This is the year, Gemini, when all of your hard work and dedication will begin to pay off in all elements of life: career, family, love, health and money.  The Universe acknowledges that you've been striving hard to reach your goals, and the rewards will be plentiful in 2017, as long as you are able to maintain focus, structure and discipline in each of your endeavors. This is not easy for you, my light-hearted friend, as you tend to operate like the Air: you breeze in and out of everything without focusing too much on one thing.

In 2017, your challenge will be to choose a task and stick to it, whether it be an important relationship or an exciting new career project.  You are the most adaptive of all of the sun signs.  In fact, change is something you embrace wholeheartedly.  You are always willing to accept and embrace the “hot new thing,” but once embraced, Gemini, you have to apply yourself and stay with it. No more running away from a task just because you feel bored. You will see some challenges in the beginning of the year, on January 26, with Saturn moving into Sagittarius, and you will need to focus strongly on health and your personal relationships during this time.

With dedication and focus, you will find yourself rewarded in those areas as early as February and March. If this emphasis on focus makes you nervous, don't sweat it.  Use your wonderful open and communicative nature to ask for help.  Friends, colleagues and lovers are always willing to help you, Gemini, because they are naturally attracted to your charms. Let these helpers keep you on track.  Throughout the year, ask them to keep you aware when you veer off the path or become distracted.  With a little help from your friends, 2017 will be a fantastic year for you, Gemini!

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