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Aries Love Horoscope 2017

Aries Love Horoscope 2017

In love, Aries, it is your devoted passion and careful tending to your personal relationships that really stands out. In April, with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, you will begin to be repaid for all of that spent passion, as your special love relationship takes on a new feeling of balance and harmony. Communication between the two of you will increase, and you will find yourself a successful partner if you focus on your listening skills.

Give your special someone all of your attention. If the situation has been a bit dramatic, it is sure to calm down and develop a stronger sense of security for both of you.  If you're currently searching for love, Aries, don't be discouraged, as the month of April is also when your time is ripe for passion. Throughout this month, pay close attention to the color red, as it is symbolic of passion and fire...two elements close to Aries' heart. Wear red when you can, or just incorporate the color in your life in little ways, through food, wine or decor. This will help your new or established romance to blossom to its full potential. By mid-June, things will settle nicely in romance for you, whether it be with a new flame or in a comfortable marriage.

If you help your love along by encouraging romantic encounters such as private time and dinners out, you will find September 12 a very favorable day for your personal relationship, as Jupiter moves to Libra. Expect something subtle, but important, to happen on this day. Perhaps, you will garner an unexpected kiss, a surprise red rose or an endearing note on the refrigerator. You might receive a special invitation or hear a juicy secret. Look carefully, Aries, as it will be a small gesture with a big meaning!

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