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Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2017

Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2017

Financially, life is usually very stable for you, Aquarius.  You have a great respect for money, and you are always careful to organize your finances. In August of 2017, when Mercury is retrograde in Leo, the Universe warns you not to lend any money. This is against your generous nature, my friend, but you need to try and hold back this month.  Just say “no” when you would normally say “yes”.

On September 13, when Jupiter moves to Libra, you will feel much freer regarding finances, and you may help someone in need at this time. Late September through October will be a good time for you money-wise, Aquarius, and your pockets will feel quite heavy! If you are thinking of making a large purchase, such as an automobile or new furnishings, this will be a great time to acquire. 

2017 is the year to let your creative juices flow, Aquarius.  Your free-thinking philosophy and unique ideas will bring you many surprises this year.  Keep in mind; however, other people in your life have different ideas, and listening to their opinions will be of great help to your life's direction. Allow their influence just a bit, and this will bring you even greater achievement!

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