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The question you ask of the Tarot reader is vital in determining the response the Tarot cards give you. The more precise your question, the more precise will be the answer. If your question is vague and general, the answer will be likewise. Your mindset at the time you formulate the question is important as well. If you are nervous and anxious, the Tarot cards will give you an erratic answer. A clear mind is essential. This does not mean that you have to practice yoga or meditate before asking a question. All you really have to do is to let go of your worries for a few moments... and then ask. Belief is essential to the formulation of a good question. You must believe that Tarot can give you an answer. Without belief, the whole operation is an exercise in futility. You should also be willing to at least consider the advice given to you by the reader, and not dismiss it off hand. Tarot only works for those who are willing to listen. These are a few guidelines that are worth following:

You should either ask a question or make a request. Both are valid. Saying "What does the future hold for me?" and "Tell me about my future" are the same to the Tarot. Also, avoid giving the Tarot reader unnecessary details.

Avoid questions that have a yes/no answer. It is a limiting question because there are only two possible answers: yes, or no.

Avoid questions starting in the "Will I… " format. For example, it is best not to ask questions like "Will I get a raise?" or "Will I get married?" As the answers to these questions depend entirely on you.

Keep your options open. And avoid asking close-ended questions that have limited answers. Also try not to bring in a time-element in your questions.

Asking a question is not as accurate as making a request. The request format eliminates preconceived notions about the outcome of the reading, and results in a reading that is more insightful and helpful.
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