Panchang belongs to the ancient branch of Vedic Astrology and is the Hindu calendar that is used to determine the auspicious timings and dates as per the planetary movements. It is used to find out the correct timings that will decide your career, love, marriage and other fields. The essential time calculating factors that are necessary to calculate in panchang are tithi, vaar, nakshatra, yoga and karana. The necessary details that are present in a panchang are samvatsaara, maasa, paksha. It foretells all the necessary dates including eclipses and other occurrences. It consists of all the important events such as the festivals, weddings, fasts, and other important events. Panchang is based on both the Sun and the luni solar calendar. In addition to the auspicious events, it also explains about the various transits and the evil effects of the planetary movements. It is in accordance to the Hindu astrology. All the Vedic astrologers are capable of reading Panchang.

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