Translation: The Former Unsubdued
Deity: Apa

You are caring, gentle nature and have many friends. You are a hard worker and will make an excellent manager. You are supportive and generous and go out of your way to help friends. You have a forgiving nature and do not hold grudges against others. You prefer a simple life above fame and fortune. You would make an excellent manager but would rather not take on responsibility.

Very often, people born under this nakshatra are unable to realise their full potential. The reason for this is not lack of talent or skill but a lack of ambition. You need to focus more on your career and education.

Careers and activities that will suit you: Financial planning, social work, NGO's volunteer work etc.

Spouse is usually compatible and married life, satisfactory.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like T.B. eosonophilia, muscular problems etc. Women could suffer from uterine problems. - Discover your future. Design your destiny.