Chinese Horoscope 2015 - Year of the Sheep

2015 is the Year of Wooden Sheep. It is an exceptional period for all Chinese animal signs. According to the Chinese calendar, the colour for 2015 is Green. This Chinese New Year 2015 starts from February 19th, 2015 and will last up to February 7th, 2016. As per Chinese astrology, Sheep is the 8th animal in 12 zodiac signs. Sheep is after Snake (6th) and Horse (7th). As per the theory of Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) astrology system, Snake, Horse and Sheep fall in the Fire cycle. 2015 is the last year of Fire cycle. 2016 being the year of Monkey, is the first year of Metal cycle. Therefore, 2015 falls between Fire and Metal. 2015 will be a turning point year for many people. If your luck has been favouring you for last two years, this year you may need to put in extra efforts to be consistent in your achievements. 2015 will be the year for you to turn the fate around and achieve whatever you set your eyes on if you have been feeling out of luck for past two years.
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