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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Tiger Horoscope for the Year

This Fire Monkey Year you need to think twice before pouncing into action. You need to have a clearer picture about your objectives in life. This year will be all about how much you have learnt from your previous mistakes. Do not hesitate to make necessary changes to become a better person. You can expect small bumps and hurdles on the way, however do not allow these obstacles to weigh you down. Any issue can be tackled with a healthy dose of optimism and diplomacy. Time to formulate all your strategies in life and work on them if you want desired results.

Fortune: You need to get serious about your finances this year. It is time that you get down to long term financial planning for a secure future and to take care of the rising expenses. Pay attention to where you are spending your money and try your best to avoid unnecessary expenses. Get a clear picture of your finances and then you can plan accordingly for your future needs.

Career: You could experience a hectic professional life this year as you may be entrusted with added responsibilities. There’s no way you can avoid this if you want to move ahead in your career. Those looking for a job change will not be disappointed either but then again do not rush and make sure to examine your future prospects. On the flip side, this is a wonderful time for businesspersons to build your contacts and expand your business.

Partnerships: Allow some love to come into your life this year. Let go all the negative experiences and take your chances as you come across many opportunities to develop new relationships. On a positive note, you will be emotionally stronger and you will be in a comfortable position to decide what’s best for you. Plenty of romance and passion is in store for you this year. However, married couples will need to make a lot of compromise and adjustments in order to maintain the peace and harmony.

Body: Although you will enjoy good health and will be highly energetic you need to resort to a lot of physical activities to maintain the vitality throughout. Do not stress yourself too much and make sure to slow down your pace and take sufficient breaks. Remember to take care of your diet to enhance your health.