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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Snake Horoscope for the Year

Success will continue to follow you from the previous year as the planets support you in all your endeavors. You will continue to work towards securing your overall future and enjoy a hassle free life. Opportunities will come across to make powerful changes and you will continue to make outstanding improvements in every area of your life. However, make sure to keep your emotions in check and take any decision based on rational thinking. You should however not lose sight of your priorities no matter what the distractions are.

Fortune: This could be a wonderful financial year for you and you will enjoy smooth flow of cash at the beginning of 2016. You should devote a lot of your time reviewing your monetary situation and look for strategies to keep it stable. Do not rush into any investments and allow things to happen slow and steady.


Career: This could be one of those years where you will come across ample opportunities to take up exciting projects or ventures. Use your innovative abilities and get started with a good game plan to get you going with the tasks you have in hand. If you are self-employed a little courage and determination will take you a long way in the future. Taking a little risk is important if you want to see good returns.


Partnerships: This could be a favorable year for the enhancement of relationships. Singles as well as married couples will have enough opportunities to develop and strengthen your bonding. Any misunderstanding should be sorted out now and focus on keeping the communications clear. You can expect this year to be extremely passionate and romantic so make these moments last.


Body: You will be in your best shape and your emotional health will be fabulous especially during the start of the year. However, avoid indulging in anything strenuous as injuries are indicated. Otherwise your health will improve radically than any other year.