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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Sheep Horoscope for the Year

Lady luck will be smiling on you this year. You will be free to take matters in your hands without any hassle or hindrance. Snakes are known to explore unknown avenues after a good analysis to avoid anything unpleasant. However, do not get over confident or you could be more vulnerable to make mistakes. In short, just lay low when in doubt or else you could jeopardize your good luck. Make sure all your actions will be preceded by giving minute attention to details and then move ahead with your plans accordingly.

Fortune: This could be a challenging year for you on the financial front which could be a major reason for your concern. You may face some hurdles in taking care of your expenses. This can be avoided if you plan a budget accordingly. Any unnecessary expenses should be avoided this year. Use your financial intelligence to find out ways to have a comfortable year ahead.

Career: For professionals this could turn out to be a challenging year ahead. Your stubborn and adamant nature should not make your co-workers threatened to express their views. Avoid all conflicts at any cost and maintain a cordial atmosphere throughout. Good opportunities will always be around you just need to remain alert.

Partnerships: This year will be good for your love life and you will be looking forward to relationships which will take care of all your romantic desires. You will have the fire and passion to pursue the one you love with all your heart and stubbornness. If you are committed, you may decide to walk down the aisle this year. But do not rush into it as such life changing decisions should be contemplated only after strong bonding and a good level of understanding. Overall, this will be a wonderful year for love and romance.

Body: You will enjoy fabulous health this year. You will be full of life and vigor. You should keep yourself physically challenged to ensure that you have excellent physical fitness. Make sure to use all the extra energy doing something productive. Treat your body like a temple and listen to it. Take enough breaks from your busy routine to ensure that you keep things balanced.