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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Rat Horoscope for the Year

In 2016 things will work out for you if you listen to your heart and follow your intuitions. This will protect you from committing any unavoidable mistakes in your life. You can expect remarkable progress in every area of your life this year. But individuals born under this sign can get easily distracted which is why it is very important for you to seriously focus on tasks that you undertake. Be determined and this attitude will only help you to grow in life. Take time to stop, gather your thoughts or rethink about your actions whenever in doubt.

Fortune: The Fire Monkey Year 2016 will be excellent for the Chinese zodiac Rat. Your hard work and efforts will ensure that the flow of cash is smooth. Your financial skills will come to the fore and you will be able to overcome any obstacles or minor hindrances. Make sure to plan out a sensible budget in order to take care of any sudden expenses or any uncalled financial crisis.


Career: Your professional and business life may get challenging this year. Brace yourself to develop a lot of patience to deal with your problems. They key would be to develop strong determination to achieve your goals. Take an expert’s advice if it is necessary and try to take care of your responsibilities on time.  


Partnerships: Steps taken towards reconciliation to harmonize your relationship will start yielding results for you now. Expect this year to be full of love and passion for each other. Singles are likely to meet someone special but you need to be a little compromising in your ideals if you want things to proceed. Understanding, sympathy and respect are the major factors which can make any relationship work.


Body: You will enjoy good health throughout the year provided you listen to your body. Do not push yourself too much and remind yourself to take frequent breaks from a hectic schedule in order to maintain good health. You should focus on improving your energy levels and work on your immunity to get stronger.