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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Pig Horoscope for the Year

People born under this sign will experience more power and confidence in 2016. Although you will face some challenges you will be able to deal with it in an assured manner. You should focus on keeping a flexible approach and you will have the liberty to do whatever you want. The Fire Monkey Year may give you all the inspiration you need so do not walk away from all the whirlwind activities awaiting for you. Just keep your perspectives clear no matter what you do and not get carried away by life’s little irritations.

Fortune: You may be a little careless with your spending in the beginning of 2016. But you will have things sorted and you will soon be in a comfortable position to splurge on yourself and your family as well. Focus on generating more money by finding new ventures or projects which will in turn bring stability in your finances. The turnover generated should be put in long term investments or securities with proper consultation.


Career: You will be focused and determined about your professional objectives in 2016. Goals will be clearer and you will direct all your efforts to accomplish them no matter what. Your self-confidence will be at its peak and you will be much more creative with your ideas which will be appreciated by your co-workers and those in authority. If self-employed this will be your time to start new ventures and look for more lucrative opportunities.

Partnerships: At the start of 2016 it is possible that all your personal desires will be fulfilled. The domestic environment will be extremely pleasant. Your relationship with your spouse will be quite passionate and you will enjoy each other’s company. Excellent time for singles to find love and these partnerships are likely to become more committed and may result in marriage.


Body: You will be in the pink of health throughout 2016. You will have an expansive sense of well-being and will lead a healthy lifestyle. Your stamina will be high and you will not suffer from any kind of anxieties. Remember to take sufficient rest and sleep for a peaceful state of mind. Continue doing the essentials to maintain good health and you will be good to go.