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2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2015 Horse Horoscope for the Year

In 2015, the people born in the year of Horse will coincide with Tai Sui - the legendary God who determines the fate of people''s fortune. So in general, luck will favour you in 2015. You will steer clear of any controversy or scandal as you will be too busy with work to take notice of such things. However, certain health ailments may harm you if you ignore your health this year. You are advised to be attentive to even the smallest health issues as they may turn into something serious, if ignored.

Fortune: You will be financially stable this whole year. You will need to work hard if you are looking to increase your income. A second source of income may not be an option for you as your primary job or business will keep you too busy.

Career: People born in the year of Horse may not see any rise in workload or responsibilities in the first half of the year. However, your diligent efforts and polished skills will bring you in the highlights and your superiors would like to put you in important positions. This will bring huge amount of work in rapid succession during the latter half of the year. It is better to be prepared for this beforehand.

Partnerships: Things on the romance front look good for the people born in the year of Horse. In 2015, those in a relationship will get along very well with their partner. Harmony and understanding will prevail. For singles, staying active in your social circle will surely help you to find your soul mate.

Body: In 2015, you will need to take good care of your health as workload in the second half of the year will demand a lot of energy and vigour from you. It is advised for people born in the year of Horse to take have a rich diet and report even the slightest discomfort to their doctor.