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2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope

2016 Dog Horoscope for the Year

According to Chinese Zodiac horoscope 2016, individuals born under this sign will experience yang energy to pace forward aggressively towards their goals. The new energy will be quite inspiring for the loyal Dog and you can certainly expect a flurry of activities and personal involvement. But remain cautious as these energies may make you overtly enthusiastic or impractical. Avoid taking in anything more than you can handle. Be attentive and responsible, this year you need to find your balance and avoid anything on the extremes. You need to exercise patience as projects or anything you have in mind may not work out as planned. Things may be slow but you will get there eventually so remain calm and optimistic.

Fortune: Monetary challenges are indicated in 2016, but your newly found determination and confidence will help you deal with any financial challenges. You need to curb your temptations to splurge on anything unnecessary or this may upset your budget. Strike a fine balance between income and expenditure and things should be fine.

Career: You professional life may be quite pleasant and eventful according to the 2016 Chinese Horoscope. Your calm and composed state of mind can help you plan your goals and strategies in order to expand your career horizons. You will be creative, brimming with a lot of ideas and this will also make you efficient and productive. Added responsibilities may come your way; take in how much you can handle otherwise use your diplomatic skills to refuse politely.

Partnerships: If you are already spoken for, you can expect the Year of the Fire Monkey 2016 to bring you remarkable growth in your relationships. Singles are likely to meet the special ‘someone’ most likely in social gatherings. You can expect interesting dates in the strangest manners possibly in the most unexpected places as well. This year you need to be on the lookout for opportunities to meet that special person.

Body: Individuals born under the Dog sign will enjoy good health in 2016. You will be in peace with yourself mentally and this will keep the energies around you positive. Since your life may be quite in sync this year, you will be able to relax and feel at ease. But any medical problems need to be taken care with a lot of promptness. Always make sure that you take sufficient breaks from your daily routine to feel rejuvenated.