Chinese Astrology

2014 Yearly Forecast
Your Chinese Sign: Snake

2014 will be a good and busy year for those born under the sign of the snake. You will focus on matters that need your immediate attention. Things are most likely to improve as far as education and work issues are concerned. Projects move ahead at a good pace and your innovative ideas pay off. A colleague may seek help and may appreciate your support. The months of March, May and July will prove to be busy for you. You are likely to come across some new opportunities. These new opportunities are most likely to come your way with help from a close friend.

On the love front, things may be not so clear when the year begins but as time passes by you will soon realize how good your relationship with your partner is. The year 2014 will bring in many moments in your life which will act as an eye opener and you will have clarity. A relationship you embark upon this year has good future written all over it. You will face a lot of challenges with a smile on your face. You will stand by your partner publicly and ensure insecurity does not plague your mind. Things will look up and you will be able to use the favourable cosmic forces to improve the quality of your love life.

Career wise, the year ahead will be great for you to grow and explore new avenues. You will be in a position to move your career forward by implementing your ideas. People will take note of your drive and your willingness to take responsibility. You do not shy away from confrontations this year and are willing to clarify and seek answers when required. This change in attitude pays off and you benefit immensely. The year ahead will be a brilliant time for you to accomplish what you have always desired.

Most Compatible With: Ox, Rooster, Rat, Dragon, Monkey.

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