Chinese Astrology

2014 Yearly Forecast
Your Chinese Sign: Sheep

2014 will be a mixed year for those of you born under the sign of the Sheep. Results may not meet your expectations and you may not be satisfied with what you get as a payback for all your efforts. You may impress your colleagues or close associates at work and leave no room for complaint as far as your projects are concerned. You are goal oriented this year and are ready to focus entirely on matters that are important. On the love front, things may not be so great and you may desire for more. You seek passion and romance and you will settle for nothing but the best this year. Happy times are indicated for you post April.

2014 will turn out to be quite an exciting phase of your life especially where love is concerned. This period will be full of excitement and you will see some wonderful improvements taking place in your love life. After making a few mistakes regarding your choice of partner, you will ultimately bump into the person who is just perfect for you. You cannot afford to waste time on doubts and hesitations this year as this could mean the loss of an important romantic opportunity for you. Be frank and open when it comes to expressing your feelings as this will give you the best results. The best part is that you will be appreciated by your partner and there will be an easy flow of communication between the two of you which will strengthen the bonds of your relationship. Your family will play a major role in your love life by helping you take the right decisions.

In 2014, negotiations will go much smoother compared to last year as all obstacles simply seem to melt away. The period between April and August will bring good news for students who have been planning to pursue their higher studies abroad. This will also be a good time for those of you who have been looking to be promoted as you may finally get that dream position. You are advised against making too many radical changes at once in December as this may make things complicated for you. This year is all about getting your act together and acting in a more constructive way. You will have achieved almost all of your goals by the end of the year.

Most Compatible With: Rabbit, Pig, Horse, Monkey & Dog.

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