Chinese Astrology

2014 Yearly Forecast
Your Chinese Sign: Dragon

2014 will be a good year for those of you who belong to the sign of the Dragon. Hard work and patience will help you accomplish even difficult tasks with ease. Friends are likely to be helpful and will be there for you whenever you need them. Pending projects are likely to move ahead and you make progress on the work front. Marriage is on the cards for those of you who have been in a committed love relationship. Singles too may meet someone who makes you feel loved and adored. Travel is indicated to keep you busy towards the end of the year. This may either be related to work or breaks that you take with your close friends.

In 2014 you will have to take care that you and your partner want the same things in life or it could lead to a huge clash between you two. This year if you do decide to get into a new relationship with someone it will not be about outward appearances or for fun only. Take things a bit easy between the months of April to August. You will do more harm than good by being impulsive during this period. The beginning of the year supports alliances and starting of new relationships. Single parents and divorcees will get a second shot at love. Your emotional life will give you a lot of happiness this Horse year and your love life will finally be stabilized as the year comes to a close.

2014 being the year of the Horse will bring along with it a multitude of options where growth in your career is concerned. You will get all the support you need. 2013 is an excellent time for the signing of important deals, launching any important projects and entering into any kind of partnerships. This year you will enjoy the benefits of the hard work that you had put in last year. You must adapt yourself to a new work environment. Make the most of your networking skills as you could benefit from your contacts. Pay more attention to the legal aspects of your work. Students are advised not to take up any part time job this year. You will stand to gain only if you learn to work harmoniously with others.

Most Compatible With: Rat, Monkey, Snake, Pig & Tiger.

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