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Upma Shrivastava
Vedic Astrology & Vastu
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Upma Shrivastava

Upma Shrivastava is a professional astrologer. With over 12 years of experience in the stream of Vedic astrology, KP astrology, Gemology, Vastu and Reiki meditations. As an astrologer with a modern outlook, she tries to explain astrology in simplified terms to enable it in a rational, logical and scientific manner. She gives simple and effective remedies which can easily be performed by every one.

Time Availability : 9 AM to 6 PM

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Gurgaon

Rate & Review
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  By Simran sehgal 16 Mar 2017

Very positive and talk to the point

  By kirti panwar 07 Mar 2017


  By Rakesh Sharma 03 Mar 2017

Satisfied with her feedback and solution provided.

  By Rakesh Sharma 03 Mar 2017

On Target. Told me what I was thinking and when it will happen.

  By JYOTI 24 Feb 2017

Person needed to talk to her for life solutions

  By hemalatha 22 Feb 2017

She is to the point-positive,and suggest simple remedies which can be chanted daily.God bless.

  By Pooja Bansal 20 Feb 2017

She is very positive and accurate in her predictions. She provided genuine guidance. I am really happy after talking to her.

  By Abhijit 14 Feb 2017

The way she explains is too good with loads of patience. I wish her predictions might come true.

  By Shree raja 04 Feb 2017

Upma Shrivastava is Very accurate, to the point , provides helpful simple remedies , very soothing and honest explanation Nice to consult again

  By Pritanshu Srivastava 07 Feb 2017

Very interactive and knowledgeable with accurate prediction

  By smaranika 02 Feb 2017

Speaking to her, heals many problem

  By Sachin Fatnaney 25 Jan 2017

Great conversation

  By Shailesh Kumawat 27 Jan 2017

My interaction was very good. remedies told are very simple.

  By supriya 24 Jan 2017

Very prompt and meaningful conversation Appreciate the much needed help

  By shilpa pai 17 Jan 2017

Very good

  By shishir saxena 16 Jan 2017

Good Observations.

  By 02 Jan 2017

  By digvijay singh chauhan 15 Dec 2016

very accurate

  By Jaydeep joshi 03 Dec 2016

Astrologer upma ji is very good astrologer.