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Astrologer Pdt Sanjay Sharma

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Renowned astrologer Pt. Sanjay Sharma was born in Nangal Gram near Bandiqui District Jaipur. He was interested in astrology since his childhood. He has been practicing astrology and providing guidance to many for more than 20 years now. He started learning astrology at the tender age of 10. He was awarded a gold medal by Delhi University and Jyotish Acharya by Rajasthan University. His family has been practicing astrology for decades now. His grandfather took upadhi of Jyotish Samrath by Jaipur Govt. His Nana was also a Jyotish Samrath.

Time Availability :7 am to 23:30pm daily

Language :Hindi, English

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  • Sanjay Sharma Ask 1 Question ₹ 2250.00 / $ 37.50

    Ask a specific question on any topic that is disturbing you and get immediate and accurate predictions for your problems. The answer provided will help you take timely decisions that will bring you peace and happiness.

  • Sanjay Sharma Ask 3 Questions ₹ 4500.00 / $ 75.00

    Ask questions on any topic that is disturbing you to get clarity on the likely events in immediate future with possible outcome.these questions must be specific in nature. Note: The questions should be based on one person only. One Kundli will be processed in this report.

  • Sanjay Sharma Year Ahead ₹ 4500.00 / $ 75.00

    Find out how the coming 12 months will be for you! Will you find love, happiness and success during this time. Is the time auspicious for you?

  • Sanjay Sharma Timing of Marriage ₹ 2250.00 / $ 37.50

    When is the right time to get married? Get accurate predictions! Enhance your love life and increase your chances of a happy marriage!

  • Sanjay Sharma Career Timings ₹ 4500.00 / $ 75.00

    Get an analysis of good times for your career and when will you get good opportunities. Are you worried about not getting promoted. Find ways to attract success!

  • Sanjay Sharma Vaastu and Feng Shui Report ₹ 9000.00 / $ 150.00

    Get Vaastu and Feng Shui tips that will completely change your life. These tips will help improve your love, career, finance and marital aspects.