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Analyst Sachin Bholle
Vedic Astrology
Offline ₹ 110 Per Min

Analyst Sachin Bholle

Sachin Bholle, a very famous and renowned name in Indian’s great science Astrology, is known for his researches and accurate practical predictions according to changing scenario of time trends. He chose his profession as Astrologer, despite having competed UPSC exam successfully, with a mission to serve and research in this great and precious science by making its concepts updated and practically compatible in this competitive world. In his prominent researched work, Astrologer Bholle has pointed out 30-35 decisive factors of Birth chart for accurate prediction and discovered invaluable method to calculate one by one these 30-35 factors to reach on most accurate level of prediction. Besides this, a remarkable number of astrologys key concepts have been successfully reinterpreted. In his working duration for more than 10 years, many thousands people from around the world including politicians, bureaucrats, Business men, celebrities etc have been benefitted by following his accurate predictions and psychological counseling. His remarkable predictions are- Recession of 2008, Second term of U.P.A in India, Obama’s second term, Modis victory In Gujarat and S.P clear victory in U.P. etc.

Time Availability : 7.00 AM to 2: 00 PM, 3:30 PM to 10.30 PM, Every Day

Language : Hindi

Location : Meerut

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