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Rajguru Pandit R K Joshi
Vedic Astrology
Offline ₹ 40 Per Min

Rajguru Pandit R K Joshi

I am continuosly coming on Sahara NCR channel from 08:15 to 09:00 on date with fate program. I am also a celebrity astrologer for IBN7, Star News Channel and Sahara NCR.I was born into a family of “Raj Gurus” who had served under Maharajas of 27 former states of Himachal Pradesh and Shimla. I learnt from many Gurus and obtained significant knowledge and experience in various fields of astrology. I have been able to attain in depth knowledge in various fields in Astrology along with Sidhis, which are obtained with great difficulty. I carried out my research in the field of astrology from an early age and have tried to provide scientific explanation to astrological matters. During my 40 odd years of study, meditation and practice as an astrologer, I have come up with many interesting and wondrous outcomes, which can surprise you. My methodology of making predictions is different from others as I look at Aura, Face, Palm and horoscope for making predictions using various scientific methods for healing. Post retirement I have dedicated my time to solving the problems of people.

Time Availability :Morning 11am to 14.00pm & 15.00 hrs to 16.30hrs, Night 8pm to 10.30pm. (Everyday).

Language :Hindi, English

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