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Ritu kapoor

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I have a certified qualification from the California Institute of Fengshui and have over 12 years of experience as a professional consultant in Fengshui and other occults. For the past nine years I have practiced Tarot Cards and I-ching readings. These I-ching solutions suggest the best strategy/modus operandi for building relationships & project road maps etc. I-ching astrology and I-ching compatibility for love and romance are gaining much more popularity for matrimonial purposes. I am a consultant who deals in the best methods of Fengshui for various resort and industrial houses. The approach is not cold metal but adapted to the individual’s personality traits and family uniqueness. Another strong forte that I have developed is Crystal therapy through Aura Reading, Psychic readings to tackle day-to-day problems and Creative Arts for interiors in naturals ways. Leading national dailies, magazines and news channels have covered my predictions.

Time Availability :Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- 11 am to 1:30 pm.

Language :English

Reports provided by

  • Ritu Kapoor Ask 3 Questions ₹ 4500.00 / $ 75.00

    Ask any 3 questions. What you would get? A detailed analysis of all the 3 Q`s with reference to the present and future. Also, at the same time, know how you can help yourself to remove the obstacles and get new insights to move ahead in life.

  • Ritu Kapoor Love/Relationship Report ₹ 2500.00 / $ 41.67

    How you see and think about the other person, how the other person sees you, what you need to know, what the other person needs to know, where the relationship is now, where you would like the relationship to go, factors to be considered. Ritu Kapoor answers all!

  • Ritu Kapoor Job/Career/ Financial Report ₹ 1200.00 / $ 20.00

    Are you satisfied with the current situation regarding your job? Are you unemploye? The job/career/finance report gives you an insight into the past influences that helped bring about the current situation that you are satisfied with, what can help change the current situation if it is unpleasant and what the future holds for you..

  • Ritu Kapoor Personalised Annual Prediction ₹ 1200.00 / $ 20.00

    Where would you like to be on your next birthday? What powers you emotionally? What do you need to create to bring you closer to your goals, your current material state, your current emotional state, you current spiritual state, etc.? Let Ritu Kapoor answer your queries and provide solutions.

  • Ritu Kapoor Tarot and Marriage Report ₹ 1500.00 / $ 25.00

    What happened in the past regarding the marriage, what is happening now, what may happen in the near future with your prospective spouse, his/her characteristics, and what may happen in the distant future. Ask Ritu Kapoor for right guidance.

  • Ritu Kapoor Personalised Specific Remedies ₹ 5000.00 / $ 83.33

    You specific problem – its past, present and future. What you can do to solve it. How should you tackle the problem? What are you shortcomings and of the other person regarding the problem. Which area of life you should focus at present and how you can gain; what you can do as remedies and grow in your life? Ask Ritu Kapoor.

  • Ritu kapoor Ask 1 question ₹ 600.00 / $ 10.00

    Ask a question from Ritu Kapoor related your life, the problems you are facing in your life. Ritu Kapoor will provide you fast solutions with the nature of your problem ,the cause of your problem & The solution to your problem.

  • Ritu kapoor Find True Love ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    True love is not easy to find. Let Tarot reader Ritu Kapoor help you through this difficult situation, so that your love life could sail through every ups & downs in your relation.

  • Ritu kapoor Full Relationship Report ₹ 2000.00 / $ 33.33

    We know that you have many questions about your dream partner like How you see the other person, How the other person sees you, what you need to know,What the other person needs to know,where the relationship is now, where you would like relationship to go, Where the other person would like it to go, Factors to be considered in the relationship,The end result & Solution, Ritu kapoor will guide you through all these questions.

  • Ritu Kapoor Astrotalk For 15 Minutes ₹ 2500.00 / $ 41.67

    Let Famous astrologer Ritu Kapoor guide you through the bad times of your life. Talk to the astrologer and get solutions to all your problems.