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I had started learning astrology when I was a 17 year old. I had my formal education in astrology from The Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and completed Jyotish Praveena and Jyotish Visharada with 1st division in 1998-1999. I also learned Reiki, Spiritual and Holistic healing, and Naturopathy and Yoga. I have an experience of more than 12 years in Predictive Astrology. During this period I have gone through thousands of horoscopes and also have a long list of highly satisfied clients not only in India but abroad as well.I predict events by the use of Parashara and Jaimini System of astrology. I have expertise and command over predictive astrology. I predict accurately in almost every topic which is of interest and importance to an individual such as Health, Finance, Relationship, Property, Education, Love, Marriage, compatibility, Progeny, Career, Stock Market Astrology, Varshphal and Birth time rectification.

Time Availability :Monday to Friday: - 12 PM to 3 PM & 9 PM to 11 PM Saturday- 9 AM to 1PM.

Language :Hindi,English

Reports provided by

  • Radha B. Mishra Ask A Question ₹ 750.00 / $ 12.50

    Ask a Question report will help you find an answer to your specific question regarding any one important aspect of your life. You can ask any one question related to love, marriage, relationship, divorce, career, study, business, health, finance, property, vehicle, abroad, kids etc. If you have a difficult question on your mind, ask now. The report will provide suitable remedial solutions to improve your luck.

  • Radha B. Mishra Career report 1 Year ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    Career report is based on in-depth analysis of your horoscope. It is very helpful to plan your career, handle obstacles and use the favorable periods to the maximum advantage. The report will provide detailed predictions about your career like timing of getting a job, change of job, No job or obstacles in career, break in career, suspension, promotions, demotions or transfer with remedial measures to achieve success.

  • Radha B. Mishra Marriage Prospects ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    This report provides information about timing of marriage and about married life along with any planetary combinations/Dosha which is creating hurdles or delay in marriage such as Manglik Dosha.

  • Radha B. Mishra Detailed Life Prediction ₹ 1500.00 / $ 25.00

    The Detailed life prediction report provides you an insight and also predictions regarding all important aspects of your life! It provides you guidance and predictions regarding love, marriage, auspicious times, career prospects, business, personal problems etc.

  • Radha B. Mishra Stock Market Report with Raj Yoga and Dhan Yoga ₹ 2000.00 / $ 33.33

    Is stock market profitable for you? If yes, then should you try investment or trading? Which-Sector is best for you? Auspicious days and time to invest/trade. Find out if you have Raj Yoga and Dhan Yoga in your horoscope as a powerful Raja Yoga confirms position, name, fame, wealth, comfort and authority.

  • Radha B. Mishra Year Ahead ₹ 750.00 / $ 12.50

    The Year ahead report is a detailed report with predictions for the next 12 months. How will the Year ahead be for you? Will it be a good time to invest, marry, start a new relationship or start a new business etc.